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Scott Lobdell Wants YOUR Questions : Holiday Edition 2011

Scott Lobdell is taking the time to answer your burning questions about the comics he's writing.

It's that time again. Scott Lobdell, writer of TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS, has recovered from the last round of questions and is ready for more. Here's how it works: from now until end of the day Wednesday (midnight PT), you can ask your questions in the comment section below.

Scott Lobdell and Bunker
Scott Lobdell and Bunker

We will select TWENTY QUESTIONS for Mr. Lobdell to answer. Scott will then be chained down to his desk until he is able to provide suitable answers. Because he's busy actually writing his comics, let's try to avoid the multiple questions in one post.

This is your chance, Comic Vine. Start thinking about what has been going on in his titles and come up with some good questions. Try to skim through any previous posts so you don't ask the same or similar questions that others have already asked. Again, you have until the end of the day Wednesday.

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