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Scott Lobdell Wants YOUR Questions: 8/27/11 [UPDATED]

Submit your questions by Saturday 8/27 and get them answered by the writer himself!

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Photo: Amber Faith Shields
Photo: Amber Faith Shields

If you read our recent interview with Scott Lobdell, you're aware that he is writing Teen Titans, Superboy and Red Hood and the Outlaws. Here's the deal, Scott is not finished with us. Some of you may have spoken to him here on our forums in the past. Scott is a fan of Comic Vine and wants to present a Saturday with Scott feature. In other words, he wants to answer your questions. Here are the words from Mr. Lobdell himself.

Hello Comic Viners

As you can imagine I'm pretty crazy busy right now -- what with TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS about to hit the stands in just a few weeks! But even so, I'd love to talk directly to the fans about some of the exciting things coming up in the books.

Yeah, I've done a bunch of interviews on websites, but I'd love for you guys to get some of your own questions answered directly. I know there is a lot of excitement out there -- as well as some "mild trepidation" -- so here I am! Rather than hop on one of the message boards, I am working with my buddies at Comic Vine to use this article and the comments section as a way to open a dialogue between us.

I'm going to keep it to one day of responses -- Saturday -- so that I don't wind up getting overly immersed in answering questions and blow all my deadlines! And, while I try to answer whatever questions I can, I'll tell you up front there are things I won't discuss because of future plot-lines and the like. (That is, I'm not going to reveal the final splash page of issue two of Teen Titans! It is too cool to ruin!) Leave your questions by Saturday at noon PT and I'll answer them all on Monday morning!

Naturally I'd love for you to refrain from the typical "Why do you suck?" and "Do you suck as bad as everyone says you do -- or worse?" But I'm not going to edit your questions -- so if that is what you want to put out in the Universe, I'll support you!

Okay, so lets try this and see what happens -- who knows, maybe we'll all have a grand ole' time!


So ask away in the comments below and check back next week to hear the answers to them.


Scott is ecstatic over the questions so far. He is attempting to answer all questions so far. We'll see how far he is able to get. He is determined to answer them all! Here's an example of some responses he sent over so far.

Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! is online on Aug. 26, 2011 at 3:50 p.m.

If you could write a book for another company, which company would it be and what would you write?

Since I am here to promote my DC work can you change my reply to "Due to the nature of this question I'll reply by PM."

RareCheshire is online on Aug. 26, 2011 at 3:54 p.m.

Will Roy meet up with Cheshire in the reboot? Cause if they wont... grrr!

Well don't start growling yet! LOL! I don't have any plans for it, but I wouldn't rule it out either! I will confess something though, I kind of don't like when characters are largely defined by other characters. Sure, character interaction and history is important -- but Roy should not only be as interesting as he is with Cheshire... any more than Kori is only as interesting as she is in regard to Dick. For that matter, I don't think Jason is only as interesting as his relationship with Bruce/Batman. So yeah, while I imagine Roy will meet up with Cheshire at some point, I'm concentrating on Roy first.

(Before anyone says "Um! You wrote about a hundred issues of Rogue and Gambit!" I would say that is sort of people's memories playing tricks on them. I wrote a few issues, yes, but I was not a big fan of Rombit or Gague or whatever cute name they probably have. I felt it was interesting, sure, but I didn't want them to be defined only by their relationship to each other. If you go back and read you'll see a lot of that was done by other writers, God Bless them one and all! It's like how, I think, I only wrote maybe three lines of Mr. Sinister in all the years I was on the book because I never got what he did besides scratch his beard in the shadows a lot.)

Primmaster64 is online on Aug. 26, 2011 at 3:55 p.m.

Will I get to see Jason kick Tim's butt?

I don't have any plans for the two of them to meet. And I'm not entirely sure who would be kicking whose butt. Hmmm.

Will Superboy be like his Young Justice counterpart?

The television one, I'm assuming? I haven't watched the show but I read the word "Goon" a lot on the message boards. If that is the case then, no, Superboy is not a goon. He is really smart -- like the way a baby processes so much more information than we do because everything is new -- and he's very funny. Not a goon, not surly.

Will Superboy ever wear a leather jacket ever again?

Unless we discover he is allergic. LOL. But I can't see why he wouldn't wear a leather jacket if the situation called for it.

Are Jason and Roy gonna argue about everything?

I wouldn't say everything! And certainly not on a level where they are angry with each other. These two understand each other in a way that no other two characters in the DCU understand each other. They sort of both look at each other and thing "Man! I am glad I did NOT turn out like THAT!"

damJadler is online on Aug. 26, 2011 at 3:55 p.m.

Which of the new 52 (aside from yours) are you most looking forward to, and will new readers (like me!) who have no idea what's going on in current continuity (Brightest Day, what? War of the green lanterns, huh? There's a guy who became evil but then died, but not really??) actuallybe able to follow along with everything?

I, VAMPIRE was awesome... it even made me a little frightened when I read it! Seriously, huge sleeper hit here.

I would say this: I would treat the books as first issues. There might be some stuff that is referenced, but I don't think it should hamper your enjoyment of the books. (Like I can tell you I used to be a stand up comedian between 1988 and 1992 -- but it doesn't mean you have to find old videos of me performing to enjoy reading this post!) Just sit back and enjoy the comics as they unspool in the moment and I think you'll be fine!

That said, there will be a lot of trying to read between the lines about what Tim has been up to before issue one of Teen Titans, etc... but I think that would be the case in any book. Even John McClane referenced Cappy Roberts his retired cop friend in Die Hard but that doesn't mean we needed to know anything more about him than he offered John his couch in Pomona!) So yeah, enjoy yourself.