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Scott Lobdell Leaves the HOOD

It's time for goodbyes and hellos and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS gets a new writer.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #18 will be my last issue of the series.

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As much as I love Jason, Roy and Kori, my schedule is such that something had to give and that something was Red Hood.

Despite all the hoopla and tearing at clothing that greeted the launch of the series (or heck, maybe because of it!) I have never been more proud of my association with launching a title as I have with this book. Love it or loath it, RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS has always had a unique voice, tone, pacing and -- thanks for the incomparable Kenneth Rocafort and Blond, its own look.

Am I going to be sad that I don't get to write Jason as he picks up the pieces of his life in the aftermath of Death of the Family? Yes! Do I weep that I didn't get to explore Roy's upbringing on the Navajo reservation and how he eventually wound up with Outlaw status? Absolutely! Do I already regret I won't be around to watch Starfire deal with the arrival of her sister on Earth and what it means to the fate of the mysterious 13? More than words can say!

I'm going to miss Ducra and the All-Caste and Isabel and Essence and DePalo and Orn and K'tten and especially Crux... and, of course, the inevitable return of Suzie Su!

But here are two pieces of good news to help alleviate our mutual sorrow.

First, the last two issues of RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS I've written (issues #17 and #18) are two of my most favorite, most emotional stories I've written not only of the series... but of my entire career! As exits go, I could not have asked for a more grand good-bye! If feels like the perfect place to say my good-bye.

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Secondly, I'm leaving you in the more than capable hands of James Tynion! As anyone who has been following his Batman back-ups and his Talon launch knows James is an exciting young writer with talent way beyond his years. I can't wait to pick up RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #19 and see where he is going with the series!

Before I go I want to thank Judd and Mort and George and Denny and Neal and Marv and George for their hands in creating RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS to begin with. And of course Bobbie and Katie and Eddie and Darren in editorial, and Kenneth, Blond, Timothy and Pascal and both Pascals for everything else. To Tumblr, for keeping me honest with all their thoughtful criticism and insight into all that is best in humanity. And finally, to Mike DePalo for his unwavering assistance, expertise and friendship.

Go Hoodies! The best is yet to come!