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Scott Lobdell is a PARIAH! (Kickstarter Alert)

Well, he is fan of Pariah, Missouri any way!

People don't know this, but years ago, when Rob Liefeld and I were just breaking in at the same time... we used to talk about creating a series called THE POSSE. The idea was, what would the very first American super hero team be like? Before the costumes and codenames and secret headquarters we all take for granted today..we'd get to see these characters figuring it all out for the first time.

Alas, it never happened.

So why am I bringing it up now? Because I love -- LOVE -- properties that cross genres! And that's why I love PARIAH, MISSOURI!

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I met the creator/writer Adres Salazar (and his adorable son, Santiago!) at C4 in Ventura this weekend -- and the guy just blew me away with his talent, his drive and his book!

PARIAH, MISSOURI is -- as he describes -- Huck Finn meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Taking some of the classic elements of the "good ole' days" and "vampires" and splicing them together in one brand new world makes both of these genres original and fresh all over again!

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Take a look at his Kickstarter page... and keep an eye out of Andres Salazar! He's a triple (maybe even quadruple!) threat and trust me when I say the comics industry has not heard the last of him, or PARIAH, MISSOURI!

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