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Scott Lobdell Answers YOUR Questions (Even Ones About Starfire): October Edition

He asked for your questions and here are the answers.

Exclusive page from Red Hood and the Outlaws #4
Exclusive page from Red Hood and the Outlaws #4

Scott Lobdell is busy writing SUPERBOY, TEEN TITANS and Red Hood and the Outlaws. When he's not busy at work on those, he likes to answer questions. The first time around, Scott answered over one hundred forty questions. This time, we limited it to twenty questions, with having multiple parts. Obviously there were several questions repeated but here are the answers we selected for him to answer.

And check out the exclusive page from Red Hood and the Outlaws #4.


Is Superboy's suit going to remain as this nifty red and black attire or will he eventually return his previous, pre-52 costume?

Too soon to say what he'll ultimately wear. The idea WAS going to be to get him out of the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. outfit and into the t-shirt with bar code on his arm… but, honestly, the more I see him in the costume the more I like it!

But… I don't always have the first say (or the 30th say!) so we'll have to find out together. (The only thing I think i can say with assuredness is that, no, we won't be seeing him in the pre-52 costume.)


Are Tim's parents alive and was Captain Boomerang the one who killed them?

Follow up: Did Tim still almost kill Captain Boomerang in vengancare in Red Robin #26

I don't know… but I don't see why not. For the moment we're not exploring Tim's past or origin or family. So if readers want to believe that he almost killed Captain Boomerang, I don't see any reason why they can't take most of those stories to be canon.

There is a line in Inherit the Wind where one character says "I do not think about the things I don't think about!" And another character rejoins "Do you think about the things you do think about?!"

Like I say, unless it impacts on what needs to be written about in the moment, I'd rather leave details about the past in the past.

And a comment: bring back Tim's cowl (but I like the wings and the computer moniter thing good job on that and the easter eggs in number 1 actually everything you wrote in all of the books except Tim's domino mask was amazing im going to collect all 3 series)

Thanks for listening and long live cowls

Alas, I see no cowls in the immediate future. But don't start hating all three books because of it!

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Question: Why should we like your memory/sensory-deficient version of Starfire?

That is an interesting question. I don't necessarily write a character to be liked or disliked. Personally, I find her fascinating -- an alien woman who is stranded on Earth (it is not as if a ferry leaves for Tamaran every twenty minutes) who is trying to do her best to adapt to a totally different culture. And while she has a lot of affection for the human race in general, the truth is that humans are not particularly enamored of aliens.

(Superman and Supergirl at least have the fact they look like models going for them. Kori has orange skin, green eyes and oft-flaming hair. She'd stand out even in West Hollywood. She isn't an alien that can slip into a pair of reading glasses and fit right in -- so the challenges she's going to face are different than the Superman and the shapeshifting Martian Manhunters of the world.)

For the past 40 years, Mr. Spock from Star Trek was an emotionally "deficient" alien who probably taught us more about human emotion than a lot of other characters in science fiction. Similarly, I think there is a lot for Kori to reveal to us about the nature of memory than we might initially perceive from the first issue.

I've read the sixth issue, which reveals the story of how she and Jason met -- and he learns exactly what she does and doesn't recall from the past. I think everyone who is dismissing her as a "goldfish" (with tongue often planted in cheek) is going to be disappointed that their snap judgement about Kori hasn't played out.

In short, I love Kori -- I have since her very first appearance. I love that she's the strongest member in a team of bad asses, I love that her perceptions will often challenge Jason and Roy's, I love the fact that she doesn't think the way humans do. I am forever fascinated by her and I can only hope that love for the character is contagious.

Follow-up: What would you say to those who did not like her in the first issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws?

I'm not sure what to say, to be honest.

Maybe there is a book that has been written or a move that has been made that everyone who has read it or everyone who has seen it can all agree that it is the ultimate book or movie -- that it is flawless in its depiction or every storyline and every character introduced. Maybe. But it has been my experience that most books and movies have their fans and their detractors.

I kind of think that is the way it is supposed to be.

There is a saying that goes something like "If you write something that no one hates, then you've written something that no one will love."

Honestly, Fodigg, I don't want to write a book that everyone who picks it up universally agrees is brilliant, or perfect.

While there has been a vociferous response from people who didn't care for issue 1, I've similarly heard from a lot of people who loved it to pieces -- sometimes for the very reasons people who hated sighted.

I guess I could apologize to people that didn't like it -- but that seems odd to me. It feels like a betrayal to the growing number of fans that liked it.

(btw, Superboy was awesome.)

Thank you. It was a blast!


Who the heck is Dustin? :) I'm talking about when Roy asks Starfire is she remembers Dick, Garth, Dustin, Vic, Lilith, and Gar. And where are Wally and Donna? lol. You rock btw :D

Thank you, Or -- from what little I know about you -- you rock too!

The story of Dustin shall be told. All I can say is that it wasn't a typo. And no word on any of the other characters -- they are not in my "control".

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Hey Scott,

Thank you for answering my questions from before! Hope all is going well for you at the moment. I'll relegate my time to just one question and ask you...regarding Prodicus, was a major inspiration for his creation the King Shark character? Thank you in advance! Keep up the great work on Superboy!

Hey Red,

I will be honest with you -- so you can get a look behind the curtain of comic making! Just a glimpse. The three characters in the prison were supposed to be from the Citadel -- tied into Kori's origin over in Red Hood. When the cover came back for issue 2 and -- yes, he looked much much much more like the old King Shark than I would have liked. But by that point the cover had to make it out the door so the alien menace looked a lot like the pre-52 Killer Shark.

It was decided then, as the story was being scripted, that it was best to paint Prodicus and his friends as being perhaps an offshoot of the Citadel and not from that race in particular.

(There are some people who write comic books the same way they build a bridge -- with plans in place for every nut and bolt. And then there are others that riff and improvise and it is more like Jazz than building bridges. When an artist or an editor or even a colorist throw a curveball at you -- what can you do but go with it! Woot, woo!)



What is Tim Drake's motivation in this series? Red Robin ended with him seeking vengeance against the man who murdered his father and it seemed that he was willing to let captain boomerang die, almost as if Tim would grow up to be a Batman who took calculated risks and could make life or death decisions unlike Bruce.

Thank you!

While that was a great story (Go, Fabian!) I don't know how it would or wouldn't effect Tim's motivation in Teen Titans. He sees a problem (kids getting carted away in the middle of the night by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.) and he's determined to use his abilities and resources to stop it.


Can I haz Raven? She is seriously missed...

I almost never do this, but… stay tuned.

Also when can we expect to see Fairchild powered-up, kicking ass and taking names?

What is she going to do with those names she's taken? (But I'll just say we'll see more than less of Red before issue six!)

Maxwell Lord the fourth

In Superboy #1 it is said that his awareness was in every atom of his body; does that mean his whole body can process information and thus be used for calculations and storage; in short; does he have a Super Intellect ?

Si! And what a fascinating way to phrase it! You rock!

Also; does sunlight affect his metabolism in one way or another like it does for regular Kryptonians ?


And last one: Will Rose meet the Teen Titans or the Outlaws ?

I can't imagine she won't -- and when she does… watch out!


Hey there Mr. Lobdell, let my start by telling you that I've been really enjoying your work & that i think you're a wonderful writer. I look forward to more of your work.

Aww! And I look forward to more of your compliments! =)

Superboy powers Q: I see from your interviews & the actual comic that this run will have a fare bit to do with his powers (I've never been one to dwell on powers but you handle it in the most non-obnoxious way, thank u lol) so my question is are his powers solar based & will normal superman weaknesses effect him??

No, they are not solar based. And he will definitely have limits, but not in the ways he traditionally had in the past!

Power Q 2: I would like to know if you view Superboy as the most powerful teen on Earth??

Sometimes he probably is. But "powerful" is a bit subjective of a term. When he's on his game he's probably more powerful than, say, Supergirl. But I also think it is possible that she could kick his ass if she had to. Same with Wonder Girl if the circumstances were right.

Superboy relationship Q: From what you have told us in interviews: it doesn't seem like Superboy will have very much of a relationship with Superman or the new Super-family outside of his name & my question is do you or any other writers have plans to go into the relationship of Superman & Superboy, & if not (just so I can have something to think about lol) hypothetically how would you play their relationship out, would it be the brother brother way, uncle nephew way, father son way (this way is my personal no pressure lol) or maybe the original & clone way (please no lol)

I can tell you they are going to meet each other. And you probably shouldn't be thinking in any of the terms you've listed above. I've tried to defy expectations and look at the relationship in a way it hasn't been viewed before. I'll trust the fans to let me know what they think about how I pulled it off. (You are not a shy bunch. LOL!)

Random Q: was that Kryptonian Superboy was speaking/thinking in issue #2 (really good issue btw)

Yes. He said "Help". (Apparently there are fans who can actually read Kryptonian! Serious!)

Relationship/ last Q: I've noticed that the Superman/Superboy relationship has somehow always been a taboo one & it seems to never be truly my question is why do you think its been like this??

I am not really sure what you mean.

I hope this wasn't too long (i don't ever really do this lol) but thank you in advance for this we fans truly appreciate it.

It was a lot of questions -- but I blame Tony! (Tony!)


I would just like to start off by saying that I really, truly enjoyed both Superboy and Teen Titans and will continue reading them.

My question is simple: Do you plan for Fairchild to be a fixture in Superboy or are there bigger plans for her in the New 52? (Not to say that being a mainstay in Superboy would be minimal, but...oh, you know what I mean.)

I plan to have her be a fixture AND there are bigger plans for her in the New 52! But, as I don't always get what I want… we'll have to wait and see!



First of all, LOVING Red Hood and the Outlaws! Don't let anybody change your mind about how you are doing it, it is fantastic!

Will there be some game changing elements in Red Hood and the Outlaws that will bring big attention to them from the rest of the DCnU?

Si! First, around issue 5 -- and then later around issue #11!



No, thanks you!


Will there be any other characters to join the Outlaws?

Not at this time. I asked if I could have Catwoman after all the hubbub. I was met with stoney silence!


Is the eight member of the Titans a boy or girl? How long is the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. arc? Love your books by the way :)

He is a boy. And I was wrong. He is actually introduced in issue two!

And don't think of it as an "arc" -- I don't. They are just part of the tapestry that is the "Titans-verse". Sometimes they will be in the foreground and other times in the background.


Can we get any hints on this top secret 8th Teen Titan?

He is awesome! He appears in issue 2! He is someone Brett and I didn't create. We'll discover that of all the Teen TItans, his relationship with Tim Drake pre-dates Teen Titans #1.

Any plans for another female to join the Outlaws?

Not at this time, no. We already have the best female character at DC -- she doesn't need to share the spotlight yet.

Are we going to see a Gen13/DV8 ? I honestly think DV8 would make great teen agents for N.O.W.H.E.R.E not a more brutal bunch of teenagers around. Plus Threshold vs Superboy in a TK battle would be great.

That all does sound fun! But alas there are no concrete plans on the horizon at the time for GEN 13 or DV8.


I'll say I didn't expect this to happen again.

That is because -- based on your posts on other boards -- you think I am a coward.

But here goes:

1) Were you in any way surprised that your (so far initial) portrayal of Starfire received such a vast amount of negative feedback from the community?

Hmmm. Well, while I think the people who didn't like it were certainly vocal… I'd have to question the framing of your question.

I read a lot of the DC Message Boards and the CBR Message Boards just to keep my finger on the pulse (sorry, I can't read every board) -- and while they go on for pages and pages and pages about things they don't like about Outlaws and Starfire in particular… when you realize that most of these are the same five or six people, who don't like my writing to begin with… well, it makes it hard for me to swallow your assertion that it was so negatively received.

Did some people like it less than others? Of that there can be no doubt.

Did some people hate it with a hate that dare not speak its name? I got that sense, yes.

But, that said, I've heard from lots of people (online and in person) who enjoyed it as much as I did.

I think what HAS surprised me the most is the vulgar tone of the comments I've read. When I hear people calling Starfire a "slut" or a "whore" or a "sex toy" it makes me sick to my stomach, honestly. I don't think a person (man or woman) gets to define someone else's sexuality and certainly not in such derogatory and dismissive terms. The notion that people genuinely believe they are staking the moral high ground in what they believe is their defense of Kori, by using such dehumanizing language is otherworldly to me.

If you want to talk about why I chose to focus on Kori's alien perspective instead of on her 25 or so years of character changes, I am here, all for it.

But to call a woman a derogatory term because you don't agree with her choices -- whether she's a comic book character or a girl in your high school or a woman standing on a street corner -- that isn't a conversation I'm willing to have with someone.

I read online where some guy at the NYComicCon shouted out "Why did they turn Starfire into a slut!" Can you imagine him shouting out a question using a derogatory word used to describe Luke Cage or Northstar -- as if he were somehow defending the characters honor because he disagreed with an interpretation of the character?

Seriously. Words like "slut" and "whore" really need to work their way out of people's vocabularies.

Follow-up/unrelated question; Are you planning on bringing Raven into one of your books? (Though I am personally hoping for her appearance in JLD rather than anything under the Young Justice banner)

Then I can take a little joy today knowing that I have dashed your hopes! LOL!


How come Jason has the bat symbol on his custom? Isn't he working away from Batman?

We'll learn why in issue six. I do have to say, though, I read a post on a message board where someone said "When Batman sees that -- he's going to track down Jason and beat the crap out of him!" Umm… really? Batman doesn't have enough to do with his day that he's going to track own Jason for wearing a bat logo?


As an aspiring comic book writer i have to ask you. How do you write multiple books on a monthly schedule and my follow up is do you have any tips on how new writers can prepares themselves to write multiple books in a month?

This is one of those difficult questions to answer, because it is sort of like asking a fish to contemplate his fish bowl: because that is the only world he knows so he doesn't have an outsider's insights. That is, I've been writing so many multiple books since I began in the business that I don't recall a time when I wasn't writing multiple books.

But if i was to try... I guess I would say the the trick is to treat each book like a member of your family. I would never confuse my Father for my Mother, my older brother for my younger sister. Similarly, if you make sure that each book you are working on is filled with unique characters and situations you should have no problem keeping them separate -- in terms of stories you tell or the villains you use.

And make sure you get lots of rest. I'm always surprised by writers who tell me they've been awake for three days trying to turn in a script. Do you know anyone who does their best work after being awake for three days?

AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

1.) In regards of your new Titans (Bunker and Bugg), will we soon know the name of your third new Titan that several people/sourses have called “Charcoal Girl”? (I’ve always thought a name like “Abyss” or “Ebony” would work out.)

Well, you you may know by now, "Charcoal Girl" is not her real super heroine name. (It never was though -- that was a nickname Brett gave to her on his blog and it sort of just stuck!). Similarly, you can see where your other suggestions aren't necessary as she already has an established name.

-Why did you changed Bunker from “The Wall”? Did it sound better than the other?

That was one of a multitude of decisions that were not mine. That said, I am happy with the editorial change! Bunker rules!

-Is “Bugg” a name we can take seriously as a Teen Titan.

Well, she has since been renamed "Skitter", but to speak to the heart of your question… Teen Titans alone has been graced with characters named "Robin" (the cutest bird in the world) Aqua Lad (Seriously? "Oh no, Aqua Lad is here! Run for your lives!" Beast Boy, Kid Flash, a girl with a blue cloak named Raven (Huh? Why?) a half-man/half-robot named (wait for it..) Cyborg! The list goes on and on and that's just the Titans. Over the years we come to accept code names of characters because we love the characters… but it is hard for me to get excited by someone being overly critical of a character named "Bugg." (One of my favorite characters I ever created was named after the letter M!)

2.) After receiving much controversy about Starfire in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS, are you proud or ashamed of yourself? Or both?

I am proud that I wrote a story that -- at the very least -- has people talking about issues they are passionate about. But ashamed? Of what?

3.) What does N.O.W.H.E.R.E. stand for?

They are a very secret organization. They would kill me if I told you.

4.) Not only I was surprised to see Rose Wilson/Ravager in SUPERBOY, but I was also surprised to see Catlin Fairchild from Wildstorm’s GEN-13. Why have Fairchild as a supporting character for Superboy?

You are confusing me with your questions. Why not?

-Will she become Superboy’s love interest?


-Will she become an ally to the Teen Titans?


-Will she go gen-active at some point? (Meaning, will she have powers again soon?)

At some point?

-Will we see the other members of GEN-13 in the DCNU? (Grunge? Rainmaker? Freefall? Finch? Burnout?)

It seems likely.


Here's mine, somethings that had been running around my mind for a while, which I'm not sure have been actually cleared out/answered as of now.

Was this new Roy Harper ever a sidekick to Green Arrow? I mean, on G.A. it seems Ollie's starting all over from scratch and since I didn't see any precise mention if this new Roy's ever been Speedy/the old Arsenal (no Lian!)/Red Arrow on the JLA... Yes he's been with the Titans but it wasn't that clear besides that..

There are hints to Roy and Ollie's relationship in issue 3. And as of right now issue seven is going to reveal a long awaited reunion between the two. (But… that could change, as I haven't gotten issue 7 approved by my editor or the Green Arrow editor yet.)

Did Starfire go through the Rann/Thanagar War in this new continuity? Where she sort of made peace with her sister (well not so much), lived with the Bakers (Animal Man), etc..

I've asked that same question! Will keep you posted.

And finally..

Superboy started all over again? I mean this is more than just a retelling of his origins like "Year One" stories right, it's a proper reboot? Or will it jump some years ahead and preserve some of his old comics and his role during Doomsday?

It was going to be a relaunch, but it became clear after the Superman and Supergirl retooling that Superboy's origin has to begin in the here and now.

Phew! Thanks gang -- until next time?!