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Scott Lobdell Answers Questions on Jason Todd, Superboy, Teen Titans & More

The writer answers questions directly from the Comic Vine community!

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Here we go, the final batch of answers to the questions you guys and gals asked Scott Lobdell. A few weeks ago, the writer of Superboy, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Teen Titans asked for questions from the Comic Vine Community. He didn't realize how quickly you guys would jump at the chance to get your questions answered.

This is the final batch. Everyone's questions should have been answered with this group. Scott has agreed to do this again but we'll give him a rest and perhaps set a stronger limit on the number.

For answers to other questions, the first round was here and the second group here.


Can we expect as tough a Jason Todd as we've seen since his resurrection? I mean is he truly turning over a new leaf, or is he still going to resort to some of the same tactics as he's been used to in the past?

I guess that would depend on your definition of tough. Certainly he is as capable of being as tough as he needs to be, he is Jason. But will we be seeing him cutting off heads and stuffing them into duffel bags just to make a point? Mmmno.


Will Tim Drake be using his signature Bo Staff anytime soon, i have not seen it in any of the promo art, and hes used a Bo Staff as his weapon of choice for most of his history, its weird seeing him without it.

He will probably use it as he needs it, I'm sure it is probably collapsed somewhere in one of those myriad pouches he wears! LOL! But so far as I've seen in the first few issues, Tim is such a skilled hand to hand combatant (and he's got those razor sharp wings on him) he hasn't used it yet. But I don't sww why he wouldn't use it in the future.


How does your version of Jason Todd differ from Judd Winick's and Grant Morrison's version of the character?

I don't see Jason as obsessed as he is with the past, with Gotham, with putting out fire with fire the way he has in his fight against crime. I think they were all great stories, but we're moving past that the same way most people do with their lives as they grow and change through experiences.

Will there be other 'Outlaws' later on in the book besides the main three?

Si! See previous answers for more details.

What can you tell us about the 'charcoal girl' from the Teen Titans ?

Nothing. She am a surprise! (Okay, I will tell you she hasn't always looked like that.)

Will the new version of Superboy be a complete re-imagining of the character or will some part of his history from the past 20 years such as the first Superboy series, Lemire's Superboy, Savid's Young Justice and Geoff John's Adventure Comics be intact?

Alas, the goal was to always keep most of that incorporated. But with all the changes to Superman a lot of it no longer held. So at the last moment I was asked to reflect those changes in the Superboy title -- which is why for some fans who were paying close attention to all my interviews were taken aback by the events of a brand new Superboy in issue one.

Do you have a particular favorite run from any of the past Teen Titans and Superboy books?

No, I found fun things in most all the runs!

How will you describe Superboy's attitude and personality compare to his different one's from the past ?

I think he is more intellectually curious than he was in the past. He's more about living and learning in the moment than wondering about his past or who his cell clumps were based on.

What does project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. stand for?

Ha ha! You are the FIRST person to ask that! Seriously! But it is a mystery, sorry.

And why are they kidnapping teenage heroes only?

Because they have written off the "first generation" of hereos like Batman and Superman et al... they believe if they can control these kids they can control the future of meta-humans.

Does Cassie now have a 'Captain Marvel' type of transformation based on the previews?

Nope. She is always Cassie and always super powered whether the bracelets are visible or not. There is no "transformation."

Will Superman and Superboy confront each other later on?

I would imagine so, no?

p.s thank you very much if you do answer my questions. Sorry if it's considered to be too many question I'm the type to ask lots of question since I am still a teenager ; )

That's okay. You remind me of myself when I was younger.


Hey, just wanted to say cant wait for ur books!!! and -

I'm lookin to start a good collection goin since now I can!! I'm a huge Superboy n Teen Titans fan but not so much a Jason, Roy, Starfire fan, so I wanted to know will Redhood and the Outlaws greatly interact with ur other books or can I save myself from goin bankrupt n just pick up my favs without too much of a hassle about crossovers n stuff?

First, thank you! And secondly, while Teen Titans and Superboy almost feel like bi-weekly books.... Red Hood and the Outlaws is its own creation! If it is about money, just drop Animal Man or Swamp Thing or one of those books! (LOL! Just kidding, Jeff and Scott!)


Will the new Teen Titans series character's personalities be a little like their personalities in the Teen Titan series before the Dc Reboot or will it be like a totally different character?

While there will be some changes, I think they are pretty close to what they were. Cassie is more self-assured, Bart maybe a little more impulsive, Tim more aware that he's a human essentially gathering meta-humans in and effort to keep them safe... but pretty much the same, I'd say.


Will Raven appear in the Teen Titans or in the Outlaws or in other stories?

Not at this point.

Will Cheshire appear in the Outlaws?

Not at this point.

Does Cassandra Cain still exist?

I haven't seen her but I hope so!

Will some of the Wolfman/Perez Titans run still be intact?

I would say most.


Let me start first by saying that I've enjoyed your work since you were on Uncanny X-Men, way back when. I wonder though, if there are other books coming out within the new 52 that you are looking forward to seeing ?

Let me start off by saying thank you! And yes, I am a big fan of I, VAMPIRE! I can't wait to read issue two!

How do you feel about the "reboot" that is occurring within the new 52 ?

Answered previously! But still excited!

Have you ever considered writing for any character of the Trinity ? Would love to see you write some of Wonder Woman.

Right?! Me too! We'll see!

Will any of the Trinity be showing up within the pages of your three books ?

Yes, but not in the way I suspect you expect!


Big fan! Loved Generation X.

Me too! Woot! Woot!

My question is, do you have any planned lengths for your run on any of your 3 ongoings? I ask because it seems like it could become tasking working on 3 ongoing a month with no dealys allowed and no end in sight! I'd rather you stick on all 3 for good but that doesn't seem very realistic.

Are you kidding?! I used to write Uncanny, X-Men and Generation X monthly... as well as handfuls of mini's and one-shots as they came up! These comic writing kids these days!

But, seriously, for now I see myself on all three for as long as they will have me. Between Brett, Kenneth and RB I have three amazing artists who always make sure I'm not late! (But thank you for your concern for my health!)


Will there be more outlaws added to Red Hood and the Outlaws or will it probably be left at 3 members and who might you add to Red Hood and the Outlaws?

Asked and answered!

Also will Blue Beetle and Static Shock be joining Teen Titans in future?


Will you incorporate Ravenger and Superboy to TT?

Superboy, certainly. Rose, not any time soon.

What's TT relations to JL?



What role will Hal Jordan play now hes no longer Green Lantern?



Are the new redesigns also going to be used for Young Justice?

No way!

What role will Wonder Girl have in the Teen Titans book, and how important is it?

I kind of see her as Spock to Tim's Captain Kirk. They are the first two Teen Titans and in a way that will make them the closest even if they don't always agree on everything. She is the most physically powerful member of the team and so she gets a lot of respect from everyone.


When will we see Bart new suit?

I think around issue seven or eight.


Will you be creating new characters besides villains? or will you recycle pre existing ones?

Asked and answered.

What's your favorite part of a character?

How they interact with other characters -- and I love when characters we love apart don't always see eye to eye when they are together and we sort of have to choose a side.

Will any future characters have inconvenient powers or powers with pre-existing conditions?

Yes, Charcoal Girl in particular does not have an easy time of it. We'll understand why in issue two!

Will you ever write a series with an ending? (i mean like Y: the Last Man, DMZ, etc)

One of my favorite things I ever wrote as HIGH ROADS by Wildstorm Comics! It was close ended. There have been others, too, like for Galaxy Quest and my Ghostbusters run.

What do you think is the most creative power?

As Henry Drummond said in Inherit The Wind: "The individual human mind. In a child's power to master the multiplication table, there is more sanctity than in all your shouted "amens" and "holy holies" and "hosannas." An idea is a greater monument than a cathedral. And the advance of man's knowledge is a greater miracle than all the sticks turned to snakes or the parting of the waters.'

and.... how's your day so far?

Good but too tired for a Sunday morning! LOL! I am sitting here reading the reaction people are having to Bunker's big news on Sept, 18th and I am so sleepy!


Hi Scott,

I'm a long time comic fan but have never read a book done by DC,

I do know who Superman and Batman are but only from the movies, I have never read (and sometimes heard) anything about the characters you are writing.

Could you tell me in your own words why I should pick up these comics?

Ha ha! That is a lot of pressure to put on me! But, seriously, other than be kind to your neighbors and to floss regularly, I wouldn't be comfortable telling you to do anything, let alone where to spend your hard earned money! Do the research on the books, check out the previews and the reviews, and then make your own decision -- you will feel better than if you take my advice!

Thank you for doing something like this and answering our questions.

You're welcome! It has been fun!




Will Superboy ever get a father or mother figure? (The Kents are dead :( )

That is an interesting question. I haven't really thought about it. While having a mother and father figures is important, there are many people in the world who have had only one or the other, others not at all. Hmmm. I will think about that.

Will the Teen Titans ever get an awesome HQ after N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is done with them?

Not likely.

Will the Suicide Squad ever interact with the Teen Titans?

If they did I would hope the Teen Titans kick their butts and throw them back into jail! But that's me!

Is Superboy gonna be a teenage douche or a pretty nice guy with a temper? :)

Um, neither? Seriously, those are my two choices?! LOL!

Will Superboy get an awesome rogues gallery?!

Si! And at least one green-hued one from his recent past publication!


I would like to know your thoughts on American comics vs. manga and their influences on their readers and on each other, and the path you would like comics to be taking in the near future, as well as, if they differ, the path you think comics will most likely be taking in years to come.

I am sorry that I know so very little about manga comics that I can't answer your question. I will say that I think the future of comics is in good stories we want to read again and again!


Hi Scott!

Wow! You're alive! I started reading comics in the 90's when X-men The Animated Series was on the air and you were writing the X-titles. I love your work and wonder if Marvel asked you to come back and write X-men, would you? X-men could really use your talent again.

Yes, I live! I LIVE! LOL! Thank you for loving my past work, I hope you have as much fun reading the Teen TItans as I've had working on them! I have to say that asking me if I would come back to the X-Men if Marvel asked is sort of like asking me if I would fly to the Moon if I a discovered tomorrow that I had grown a pair of wings on my butt -- neither one is going to be happening in my future so it wouldn't make sense to spend any time thinking about it! As Stan Lee himself used to say, "Face Front Effendi!" (And, right?! LOL!)


Hey Scott,

I'm a fan of yours and Ilias Kyriazis. Can you tell us anything about the convention- related story you write?

A Greek fan

Just that it is late! Late! LATE!


Which nature would be Bart? He will be serious and somber like in "Fastest man alive" or more like young himself in Young Justice '90?

I don't find him to be a serious or sober person.


Will "Red Hood and the Outlaws" introduce new characters, or will their allies / enemies be already existing characters?

New. (See previous answers for more detail!)

Crazy Pan

Rose's other eye back..........why? >:(

Why not? I would think as someone who wears glasses you might be a little more sensitive to the portrayal of a character who cut out her own eye in a drug-induced frenzy brought on the evil machinations of her father/brother. (Admittedly I might be biased as I am not a fan of self-mutilation.)


What are your thoughts on the fake article that went around proclaiming that the comic would be exploring the idea of Tim Drake as an asexual and Superboy as a bisexual?

Truly one of the more bizarre articles I've read about me! LOL! Sorry, and I don't mean to be rude, but I asexuality isn't anything I spend any time contemplating. And this article did nothing to prompt me to start thinking about it.


First 1. Will Superboy have new powers in Teen Titans?

Interesting question. I would probably say "Not new. But... tweaked."

2. Do you know if Perez's Superman can lift planets or not? (silver age powers)

I do not know.

3. Will Wonder Girl and Superboy get together again in the new teen titans series?

I think that is probably one of the pairings well see over the first year. One of.


1) Will events that have taken place in the Red Robin series still be cannon to Tim Drakes character?


2) Same question (sort of) but about Starfire and R.E.B.E.L.S series ?

Some. But not as much.

3) Why no cape and cowel for Tim?

He didn't want to wear them. Like a lot of kids, Tim isn't someone who wears the same clothes every day.

4) out of the three titles, which one has been the hardest to try and create?

None! It has been a blast! (Hope that doesn't come off as a cop out... I mean it!)


Will Aqualad show up in Teen Titans?

Eventually, but not within the first year.


Will the Teen Titans ever meet Static and Blue Beetle?

I can't imagine they won't. But no plans right now.


Hey Scott, cheers for doing this. Two questions, one structural, one fan-boyish.

1) Your books throughout have had a healthy sense of humor, and I've heard Red Hood is following that tradition. What about the other two? Do you find that humor is quality you expect in superhero stories?

I wouldn't say I expect them in superhero stories as much as I expect to find humor pretty much anywhere (have you ever gotten the giggles at a funereal?!) If we're portraying these characters and situations as real, it is likely that humor is going to show up somewhere! =)

2) Can you say anything about the status of Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain? I love both these characters, and both have very interesting relationships with Tim and each other. I feel like they wilk building towards something with that triangle, and was curious if you had any plans for that triangle.

Alas, I've got nothing on either one.

Thanks again, and good luck sifting through all these!

LOL! Right?!


Why does Superboy have different looks in Teen Titans and Superboy?

Asked and answered! Scroll above! =)


Man I love that he's doing this!!! So awesome that he's taking time to answer all of our questions...I hope more creators see this and decide to do the same

Me too! But that wasn't a question so I am ignoring it! Oh, wait! You tricked me!


Do you love me?

What is not to love, Dr. V?!

Also, tell us three cool intimate things about your new character from TT #3, "Wall" :)

He's Mexican. He's an eternal optimist! And he's gay (as you've probably learned by the time these answers have arrived!).


@danhimself said:

Man I love that he's doing this!!! So awesome that he's taking time to answer all of our questions...I hope more creators see this and decide to do the same

I know its pretty cool. Thanks man.

I will not be tricked again! (LOL!)


To start, I'm really anxious about the upcoming reboot. Nervous more so than excited, which is why this is so long.

Are Raven and Beast Boy hanging out with Donna in outer space? What about Wally? Was Lian born? Many of us would like for them to be alive in the DCnU, preferably not faking death.

Asked and answered, sorry!

Couldn't the creative team be more original with names before deciding on Bugg and THE WALL?

Like "Cyborg" for a robot and "Raven" for a girl with a long blue cape with a pointy nose on the cowl? Kid Flash for a younger version of Flash? (If I came up with that now, imagine who many people would accuse me of being frightfully un-original! LOL!) A guy dressed up as a bat and is called Batman. Why not just "Bat!"? "I am... Bat!"

But seriously, I think you are overthinking it. We could spend a week, you and I, going over existing character's names and sorting through the ones that you find acceptable and then we could spend another few weeks coming up with alternatives to those names.

And there are rumors that Tim and Cassie are at odds with one another.

Not really, no. No more so than you and I are at odds.

Does this have to do with their mutual love for Kon?

Why would that make them at odds?

Is Kon more how he was in the Young Justice run or is he more like the cartoon version?

Um, neither?

'Cause this seems to be like a similar storyline to Young Justice the animated series and I prefer the Kon from the comics when he was younger. Personal opinion, though.

Aren't all opinions personal?

Earlier, you said, "Koriand’r doesn’t have a lot of fond memories with regards to her “first love” here on Earth, so don’t expect her to have any feelings of nostalgia for a handful of teenagers she doesn’t know." Why does DC devalue Dick and Kory's relationship so much?

Do you hold onto every relationship you've ever had in life? I was married for 8 1/2 year and almost never think of my wife at all some ten years later. Dick and Kori were in love and they broke up. Do you think it would be a more accurate portrayal of relationships if they spent the last few years carrying a torch for each other? I don't really see where two people moving on from their past devalues anything.

They loved each other and I understand if you guys want to ship Dick/Babs, but Kory was a huge part in Dick's life. He went from being a sidekick to his own man with her. Please don't write it out so that they were only in a relationship for the sexual aspect of it because it was much more than that. They still care very deeply for each other, even after breaking up, because being a Titan is all about being part of a family. And at the end of it all, families love each other, no matter what.

Um... so they are a former couple who love each other or they are brother and sister who love each other? Or they are a former couple who, over the years, have come to see each other more like brother and sister? Have they stopped sleeping with each other when they started feeling brotherly and sisterly to each other?

Again, those are your opinions. I don't like to think of characters as mired in the past.

Also, not a question, but I love the fact that Jason seems to be associated with the Bat-fam again. Perhaps Mia can show up in an issue and reconnect with him and her brother?

No plans for that.


@Jackwong: I agree. Kory made Dick to the man we all know and love. Starfire is a huge part of Dick's growth. She doesn't deserve this.

Have you stayed in love and on good terms with everyone who was a huge part of your life? I think that would make you a very rare and lucky person.


All writers clearly have different writing styles that show when writing a characters actions, movements etc. my questions are,

What is Tim Drake's personality going to be like in this series? who of the other characters do you think are going to play bigger friendship or rival roles in Tim's life on the team? How different will Tim's fighting style be now that he has wings? And finally, how old is Tim going to be?

Tim is Tim and I don't see his personality changing. You will have to to tell me.


Are all pre-existing encounters/relationships between characters featured in Teen Titans still considered canon?



I'm ok with Bugg, but the Wall....why did u name him the wall. if he has the power to create walls.. does that really clasify as super power? Why would someone hunt a teen who can create walls? ..ok this might be plot related, sorry..

Well by now he has been renamed Bunker, so maybe that will be more palatable. You don't think a guy who can create psionic walls has super powers? Imagine if you are a team of super heroes and the Starship Enterprise drifted into orbit and open fire on you and your friends... but one of them could psionically create a wall in front of you. I would think that would be awesome to have that kid around. (Also, if you were in charge of, say, a SWAT team, and you could somehow teach them to be "bullet proof" by psionically creating a wall... would you?)

How does he relates to the TT, he is a happy boy, with a nice family...Tim is an orphan who was train by batman, or u could say a crazy vigilante depends on perspective, Cassi has Zeus as a father, I suppose Zeus is still her father, connor has Lex and Kal-el as his ...genetics codes, Bart isn't even suppose to be born, the Bugg, i have some crazy ideas so ill just stay THE WALL, what is his function in the TT? how does he fit in this class of environment, just for the adventure, that sounds like a sure kill..

Um, you answered your own question, I think.

Also if he is Mexican wouldn't u like to put him in a more traditional emmmm....colors. instead of purple?

Um... do you think he should be dressed in the colors of a Mexican flag? Which one? And do you think all Americans should wear red, white and blue? Hmm. I live about a block away from a heavily Mexican-populated street in Los Angeles and trust me, you will not find a more colorful street in the city! Awwww!

Love the new TT by the way...the new Red Robin uniform, niiice...

Thank you - and thank Brett Booth!


Would you like to write the X-men again?

Are you offering? Is this Axel?! I am flattered!


Why does Martian Manhunter pose as an African American while Miss Martian poses as a Caucasian?

Not a clue.

Will Miss Martian appear in the reboot with an awesome new look?

Alas, no plans for the hottest chick in Titan's history!

Will Superboy ever get it on with Miss Martian or is he too space-ist to hook up with a Martian?

LOL! Who wouldn't, given the chance?!


Let's see how many times we've said "so far" so far. So far we've said "so far" several times. Great composition, 'G-Man'.

So far, so good!



Thanks for taking the time to answer. I have been reading comics since for a very long time now and I've been very disappointed on what DC/WB's decision on Cassandra Cain as a villain.

Will she ever come back as one of the good guys again? Maybe part of the Teen Titans?

I am sorry to say I have nothing to add to the Cassandra Cain discussion.

DC/WB and other comic companies out there ALWAYS put out black characters and call it "Diversity." That is Not consider diversity, when ONLY black characters are created.

Will we be seeing more Asian superheroes (Not some martial artist expert) in the future? If not, then why?


Well as you know, Miguel is not only of Mexican heritage, but he is actually from Mexico. And the mysterious "Charcoal Girl" is not from around here either. The villains in TEEN TITANS #2 are Samoan triplets named Thrice.

There is also a close friend of Jason's in RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS number one who is Asian and not some martial arts expert (although she does have mad skills!)! But yes, lets have more diverse characters from around the globe!

And there you have it, gang! This was the last entry at the noon cut off point!

It has been a blast, and I hope to make it a regular thing -- but maybe in the future we need to limit it to the first twenty questions?! LOL! Don't feel badly -- it was my own fault for not putting a limit on it. I am generally surprised I got so many responses!

Sorry for the people who asked questions I didn't get to answer -- maybe the next round?!

See you in the funny books!