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Scott Derrickson to Work on Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange

Finally, Marvel's top mystic has a film coming his way.

It's been no secret that Marvel has wanted to do a Doctor Strange film for a few years, but outside of the animated film, there hasn't been too much moving forward, in terms of actual news about this upcoming film, until now. Scott Derrickson, writer and director of Sinister and Deliver Us from Evil, announced on his Twitter page today that he'll be involved in the upcoming Doctor Strange film.

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It hasn't been announced yet whether he would be writer or directing the film, but there's a good chance he'll be directing the film. This may be quite the fit for Marvel and the director since a Strange film could easily have some horror elements to it, which Derrickson does very well. As of right now, there's no set date for the film, but the rumbling on the Internet say it could be out in either 2016 or 2017. We'll keep you updated as soon as there is more info.