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'Sabretooth' Wants In The 'Wolverine' Sequel

But does he fit into the storyline?

But does he fit into the storyline?

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 Back in January following the People's Choice Awards we told you guys that Hugh Jackman revealed that filming on the next installment of the Wolverine franchise would begin within the next year. He also confirmed what we had previously suspected, that the next story we'll see translated onto the big screen will be set in Japan, and will follow the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller story from the early 80's. So the question remains, will the film follow the original story, or will we be seeing some of the characters we have already met in the upcoming film? I mean, the last film (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) took a lot of liberties and injected numerous characters that honestly had nothing to do with Wolverine's character origins. Needless to say, I won't be surprised if FOX opts to make changes to an already perfect Wolverine story for the sake of building more character franchises. Recently, MTV caught up with actor Liev Schreiber who played Sabretooth in the previous film to see if he has plans of appearing in the upcoming film.

"Hugh [Jackman] has talked about the fact that he wants to work on the Japanese angle," said Schreiber, "I’ve got my fingers crossed that Victor pops into that somewhere. I’m not sure yet. I don’t remember from the comic books [if he’s in there]."

"I was definitely a Wolverine guy growing up. But I also have to admit I was kind of a DC guy," said Schreiber, "It’s sort of an embarrassing thing to say but its true. Wolverine was up there though. I liked the dark noir nature to it. I had a ball with it. My guilty pleasure is I watch wacky action movies. I’m looking forward to 'Iron Man 2.' I’m always looking forward to the next installation of Batman."

While I like Liev as Sabretooth and thought his performance was one of the best things about the first Wolverine film, there is something about consistency, continuity and an accurate translation of a perfectly good story from one medium to the next that leads me to think his character is not necessary to the sequel. One of the biggest problems with the first Wolverine film was the fact that Fox insisted on adding all these unnecessary characters to the story. What do you guys think? Do you want to see Sabretooth in the sequel?