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Ryan Reynolds Talks More 'Deadpool'

The actor discusses his own vision for the film!

The actor discusses his own vision for the film!

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I really think that when it comes to Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds seems to have a pretty good idea of how the character should be interpreted onto the big screen, which should put the nerves of Deadpool fanboys at ease, at least a little bit! According to a recent interview with MTV, Reynolds talked about what he wants to see come out of the upcoming film, even down to his vision for the movie's trailer!

"I've told Fox already that the only way there's ever gong to be a 'Deadpool' trailer is if Deadpool makes his own trailer," he laughed. "He needs to be talking to the movie audience ... with the movie trailer voice: 'In a world... gone mad... one man... must stand alone...'"

Does that mean that there is a chance that the entire film will be scripted having Wade Wilson break the fourth wall? While it worked for Ferris Bueller, it may not work for Deadpool. The interview did serve to confirm that the vision Reynolds has for the character on the big screen is as close to the comic book version as possible.
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"You want to find the best version of what's in the comic books, but like a lot of [characters], Deadpool has one of the more inconsistent narratives," he told MTV News. "It's tough, because the series has been dropped and reopened so many times. You really have to pick and choose so many of the best elements and cobble those together and create the movie of your dreams...Oddly enough, I think the suit is the easiest task, " he added. "It's such a cool-looking suit, too. It's just deciding on the material and stuff, but that comes into play once you get a script."

"With the 'Deadpool' role, I've had a take on that for close to eight years now," he said. "You want to talk about gratifying? The fact that this is even being considered as a franchise right now is truly one of the highlights of my entire career."
"When you've wanted something this long and this badly, to have someone say, 'Yeah, we'll make it,' is a pretty amazing moment," laughed Reynolds.

I thin that last quote just about does it for me. Eight years of loving Deadpool is a long time, and I am beginning to trust that Reynolds is most definitely the man for the job. What do you think of Reynolds' vision for the upcoming film? What do you want to see?