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Ryan Reynolds Announces That Deadpool Will be Rated R

A new video surfaced revealing the new rating. Also, Deadpool is in it.

In what started as an April Fools joke, it was revealed, in a YouTube video, that the 2016 Deadpool film would in fact be rated R. Star of the film Ryan Reynolds has been pretty vocal online about keeping the film true to the character and fans have been wondering what the final rating would be. Here's the video from JoBlo Movie Trailers.

Warning: There's an F-bomb dropped in this, so make sure you're not watching this at work.

In the video, Mario Lopez talks to Reynolds about the film and asks about the rating. Reynolds tells him it will be PG-13 and Lopez says it's great that it is going to be family friendly. At that point, Deadpool walks in and kills Lopez. Yes, that's actually Reynolds in the Deadpool costume.

This April Fools joke actually gave fans some real info and rest assured, Deadpool will be shooting people up left and right with no fear of the MPAA.

Deadpool is hitting theaters on February 12, 2016.