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Rumor Time: Billy Zane in Superman or Batman 3?

You should listen to your friend Billy Zane

 Zane... Billy Zane.
 Zane... Billy Zane.
Put on your skeptical goggles because it's time for another casting rumor! According to Conventry Telegraph, Billy Zane may be in either Superman or Batman 3. Billy Zane has already dipped his fingers into the comic book movie pond back in 1996 when he portrayed the classic character The Phantom on the big screen, but will Zane be tackling another iconic character?
This is usually where you would see a quote from a website backing up said claim; however, there's no real factual evidence, except for this piece from Latino Review.

  Luthor is a powerful and respected figure. It's either Zane or believe it or not Joey Lawrence who Nolan befriended at a charity event and revealed he was a big fan of TV's 'Gimme a Break.' 

Numerous other sources also claim Luthor is to be played by Billy Zane, who funniest work comes from the hit film Zoolander. So, what's the big deal? Why is this presented as rumor? Well because the original source, from Latino Review was released on April Fool's Day. It's a joke, but for some reason people are latching onto this as fact. But why?
The answer: Billy Zane is pretty awesome. Think about it. Wouldn't he make a pretty awesome Lex Luthor, especially one in a white tuxedo? Yes. Yes he would. As for Batman, I have no clue who he could play. All I can think about is President Lex "Billy Zane" Luthor. So, it all started as a April Fool's Joke from one site, and it now has spread across the intrawebs, but is there any truth to this rumor? Looks like we'll have to wait and see.
IF Billy Zane was in one of these films, who would you like to see him play?