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Rumor: Matthew Vaughn to direct Star Wars: Episode VII?

Did the director bail on the next X-Men movie to focus on the new Star Wars trilogy?

Let me begin by saying that yes, this is just a rumor.  Odds are we're going to hear hundreds of different things about the upcoming trilogy down the road, but this one caught my eye.  The talented director of X-Men Origins: First Class & Kick-Ass recently decided not to direct the next X-Men film.  Bryan Singer will take charge and it was hinted that Vaughn stepped down because he's going to direct Secret Service... but Collider says that might not be the whole story.

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Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub, the Editor-in-chief of the entertainment website, says he's heard the director is chatting with Lucasfilm about possibly directing the 2015 Star Wars film.  After all, the opportunity to direct the next Star Wars would absolutely be a worthy reason to step away from another project.  Personally, I think Vaughn would be a solid option.  He proved to be more than capable with the restricted budget for Kick-Ass and managed to make the X-Men prequel/reboot an incredibly entertaining adventure.    
Meanwhile, MarketSaw is claiming that Steven Speilberg, Darren Arnofsky, Joss Whedon, Alfonso Cuaron, and Neil Blomkamp are also being considered.  The website goes on to allege that Luke Skywalker  will be a "primary focus" in the films. 
Again, these are simply rumors, but it's a very intriguing one that's worth discussing -- especially since it's connected to an X-Men film.  What do you think, Viners?  Would you want Vaughn to direct the new trilogy or did you have someone else in mind?   

Source: Collider & MarketSaw