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Rose Byrne May Be In X-Men First Class

She may be up for the Moira McTaggert role.

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Back in June, we reported on some rumors of a few actresses jumping on the X-Men First Class bandwagon, and one of them, Rosamund Pike, was going to play Moira MacTaggert. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Rose Byrne of 28 Weeks Later, Get Him to the Greek, and Sunshine, may be taking on that role.
Although Fox Studios is getting ready to start shooting in London at the end of this month for the X-Men: First Class film, they're still in the process of casting some bigger characters for the film. Rose is currently in negotiations to play the part of Moira MacTaggert who is Charles Xavier's love interest and geneticist. 
Charles and Moira's on-again, off-again relationship was great to see in the comics, and in the 90s animated series, and she's a character who would fit really well into this film. 
As for Rose Byrne, she's an attractive woman who could play the part fine. In fact, this seems to be one of the few characters in this film that actually fits into this world, when comparing it to the early Uncanny comics or the X-Men First Class comic. What do you think about Rose? Does she fit the part?