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Rocket Raccoon & Dead Rising's Frank West Kick Major Tail In New Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Clips

"That's for letting them mess up Raccoon City, you wanker!"

"That's for letting them mess up Raccoon City, you wanker!" Perfect meta smack talk, there.

You know what the addition of two more characters to the ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 roster really means, right? I’ll have two more ways to stomp all challengers, just like I did at C2E2.

Honestly, I was skeptical about these particular additions to the UMVC3 stable. If you already thought it was a little… incongruous to have so many plainclothes Capcom characters pitted against such colorful Marvel icons (leading to fundamentally lop-sided bouts of “The Dread Sorcerer Dormammu vs. Chris,”) Frank West would seem like an even plainer addition. And then, Rocket Raccoon is such a goofy character and… and… fighting games are serious business, damn it!

Then I watched these clips...

== TEASER ==

Consider me properly shut up, now.

New clips of these fighters in action were released over the weekend and they prove that Frank’s got more color to his attacks than even some of the most over-the-top names on the roster. It's interesting to see how his shopping cart of weapons has been worked into the specials and combos, since Capcom reportedly had a lot of trouble figuring out how to integrate them into this game's mechanics.

Also, these clips show that RR’s a walking punch line who packs some serious punch. I can’t decide if his arsenal of nasty booby traps or his cantankerous British accent won me over, but I’m definitely going to add the little scrapper to my dream team.

And one last thing - - fans of this UMVC3 combatant Phoenix Wright might be very interested in the footage of his live action movie that's just popped up.