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Robin's Best Covers

Ready to look at some of Damian Wayne's coolest covers? Of course you are!

Oh yes, it's time to celebrate our latest Character of the Month! He's already defeated his first challenger in the Battle of the Week, and now it's time to praise some of the little dude's excellent covers! Now, we obviously won't have everyone's top picks in here, so if your favorite one isn't below, go ahead and give it some love by posting it in the comments. Tell the world who made it and why you think it's awesome, too. Alright, let's give your eyes a good time and show 'em some memorable covers!

*Yes, this article does reveal whether Damian Wayne will return from the dead or if another character will replace him as Robin. Leave now if you don't want that spoiled!*


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Many other heroes find Damian's personality to be... well, let's just be kind and say off-putting. However, there's one character he's bonded with a whole lot and even considers to be a good friend: Dick Grayson. When Batman "died," the original Robin stepped up and became the Dark Knight. Damian joined his side and, thanks to Grant Morrison's writing and several artists, the two heroes went on a memorable adventure (Bat-Cow!). However, it all began with Frank Quitely's cover and, with just one look at the characters, you could tell this was going to be a totally different dynamic duo.


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We're not sure if you've heard by now, but Bruce Wayne's son has just a wee bit of an ego and this has made him clash with his fellow Bat-family members quite a few times. We all remember the hilarious yet harsh encounter he had with Tim Drake when he was taken to the Batcave, yeah? In the latest volume of BATMAN AND ROBIN, he attempted to prove he's the best Robin. War of the Robins didn't go on for very long, but watching how Damian tried to get the better of his allies was good fun and Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray and John Kalisz' cover was the perfect way to get us excited for this story.

TEEN TITANS #89 (2003)

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Damian Wayne leading a team? Yeah, that's sure going to go well! Luckily for the Teen Titans, Damian isn't in charge, he's just sent there so he can learn to improve his social skills and bond with more heroes. In the end, he only gains a bit of respect for Ravager, but Damian certainly thought he was in charge and this cover does a hilarious job capturing his ego. Nicola Scott, Doug Hazlewood and Jason Wright's cover also does an amusing job presenting how the team reacts to their latest member. You can't really blame them for looking shocked and dissatisfied if the latest addition to their roster immediately begins to take charge and insult everyone, can you?


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So many covers focus on Damian's strong personality, are overflowing with darkness, or capture an intense moment. But sometimes the good guys simply looking stoic can go a long way and leave quite an impression. That's exactly what Dustin Nguyen's cover accomplishes. You can image Batman's cape flowing in the wind and Damian's head slowly moving as he scans the city. This image would make a mighty fine statue, wouldn't it?


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Damian's confidence knows no bounds. He's only ten years-old but, thanks to his extensive training and brilliant mind, he has an ego the size of the Anti-Monitor. Damian thought he was invincible and sadly, the Heretic proved otherwise. Watching Batman deal with the loss of his son was heartbreaking, but now we know Damian is coming back! Not only will he return to the land of the living, but he'll have super powers, too! That's right, he's basically going to become the "boy of steel" and this cover does a terrific job saying everything you need to know about Damian's personality and just how much fun he'll have with boosted physicals. While Superman may look determined and focused as bullets bounce off his chest, Damian looks like he's loving every second of it. He's just so smug and lovable. Man, seeing him with powers is going to be a blast, isn't it?


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The future isn't the nicest place around and it's only fitting its version of Batman would need to adapt to the terror and violence. Except this isn't an older Bruce Wayne in the costume... it's Damian! Andy Kubert's cover gives us our first taste of grown up Damian Wayne as Batman and immediately shows you that no matter how terrible the situation in Gotham may be, Batman will rise above it. An unforgettable story requires an unforgettable cover and this is one that will absolutely hold a spot in your memory.


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We all knew Damian Wayne was going to die (it was officially announced before the comic was released), yet Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn still hits you in the gut with the development. You may not know how Batman's son meets his end and you may not even care, but this cover does a terrific job striking you with the tragedy that'll occur within the issue. There's no background here or anything to take your eyes away from the point that Robin is going to die. From heavily shading the character to using his icon as the "R" in R.I.P., the cover for BATMAN INCORPORATED #8 is a powerful one.


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Who doesn't love a blatant nod to BATMAN #666? Once again illustrated by Andy Kubert (and colored by Brad Anderson), this cover teases Damian's future as Batman and puts a bit of a spin on it by showing just how happy the young guy is to be wearing the outfit. He isn't especially dark, being riddled with bullets and snapping necks just yet; he looks up to his father and relishes the chance to wear a similar costume and hit the streets. And, if you've read the issue, that's sure to further boost your appreciation for the cover. It's an amazingly heartfelt and entertaining story, so go check it out and then enjoy gazing at the cover all over again.


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ACTION COMICS #1 has been the inspiration for a lot of covers over the years, but no one can say they'd ever expect to see it used for Damian! Now that the brash kid has superpowers, the art team behind BATMAN AND ROBIN is going to humorously tease just how the physical upgrade will impact the dynamic he has with his father. You can't help but love how annoyed and confused Batman appears to be ("Okay, HOW do I stop my son?!") and Titus noticing the food is adorable. You can imagine he'll run over and begin to eat as much as possible in the next second as Bruce screams and attempts to reprimand his powerful son.


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Alé Garza, Oliver Nome and Hi-Fi Design's cover perfectly sums up just who Damian is. With his arms folded, shoulders back and a smirk on his face, you can tell he's just overflowing with confidence. And Supergirl's expression? Well, that perfectly sums up just how much he can annoy other heroes! Damian has a history of bugging his allies (Stephanie Brown and Beast Boy immediately come to mind) and you can tell it's taking all of Supergirl's restraint not to retaliate. If you love Damian Wayne -- which hopefully applies to most of you since you've made it this far -- this cover should fill you with happiness and make you smile. And if you've read the issue (if not, go do it and enjoy the laughs), it's likely going to make you think about all of his hilarious comments, too. "Now scan, alien." It's a nice reminder of his blunt and often abrasive personality.

What's YOUR favorite Damian Wayne cover? Post it below!