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Robbie Kay Talks 'Heroes Reborn' and the 100th Episode of 'Once Upon A Time'

Find out about his upcoming movie and what video game he's been obsessed with.

Heroes Reborn returns this week. If you've been watching, you know the character, Tommy Clark played by Robbie Kay, had a deeper connection to the previous series. The show recently went on its winter hiatus and returns tonight on NBC.

This isn't the only time you'll see Robbie on TV this season. He previously appeared as Peter Pan on ABC's Once Upon a Time. As with many of the characters on the show, the version he played had some big differences from what we'd seen before. His darker origin resulted in his becoming a big villain on the show. Despite what happened to his character, he's returning on the 100th episode in March.

We recently spoke to Robbie about being on Heroes Reborn and his return to Once Upon a Time as well as the movie he's been working on and what video game he's been hooked on lately.

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COMIC VINE: When you signed on for Heroes Reborn, did you know right away how important your character would become?

ROBBIE KAY: Immediately, no. We new he was going to be a relatively core character on the show. To what extent, we didn’t know because we didn’t get all the scripts immediately. After a few weeks it became more and more clear what the character’s story entailed and what was going to happen. As the episodes went on and more was revealed, I realized how important Tommy actually was to the story.

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CV: That was a nice surprise when we found out.

ROBBIE: Yeah, I think they did it really well—the way it was all built up. He didn’t really seem sure of himself. It was nice how every episode was a reveal for his power. Eventually we learned about his past and it was nice to ease into it.

CV: What was it like jumping into the world set up by the original series?

ROBBIE: It was bizarre. I mean I didn’t watch the original show until I auditioned. After binge watching it, I got really really into it. I realized, “Oh my god, I might actually get to be part of something like this.” It really was bizarre to meet people like Jack Coleman and Masi Oka, characters from the old show. To see them in character and see me working working alongside of them was bizarre. And it was really really cool.

CV: Which do you think is the cooler power, teleportation or being able to freeze time?

ROBBIE: That’s a tough one. Obviously you’d want both. I don’t even have an answer, actually. Probably…teleportation. I think. Yeah, probably teleportation. You’d be able to travel around and stuff.

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CV: What was it like playing Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time?

ROBBIE: It was really fun. It was a really great experience. I loved being part of an American TV show. It was enlightening for sure. It kind of prepared me for a lot of things in the future. It was a great cast and great crew. It was an awesome character. They wrote it brilliantly. I loved playing him. I got to be an evil guy which was really really cool. To be able to come back now is really quite fun.

CV: Did you know how evil Peter would become when you got the role?

ROBBIE: I knew it would be evil but, again, it was the kind of thing that gets revealed as time goes on. Immediately I knew he was going to be and evil character and a dark turn on the original. To what extent, that wasn’t revealed until later. It actually wasn’t until the second or third episode I realized my connection to Rumplestiltskin, for example. Things like that weren’t clear immediately.

CV: It’s always fascinating how they intertwine the characters—you’re Peter Pan, you’re the Pied Piper, etc. It’s always interesting how they throw these curve balls at you.

ROBBIE: Yeah, they’re really good at crafting the spins on the characters. It’s really cool to play almost two characters at once. Some of the characters kind of meld together.

CV: Since Peter basically faded away and met his end, can you tell us anything about your upcoming appearance on the 100th episode?

ROBBIE: I always say I can’t say much. I’m not sure how much I can say, but it’s going to be a refreshing kind of spin on the character. You’re going to see a little bit in a different light. Obviously a lot has happened in the two or so years since we saw him. A lot has happened, I think he’s learned from what has happened in Season 3. There might be a little remorse. It makes him more interesting, I think. There’s a little bit of a redemption factor in there for him now.

CV: Have you filmed any scenes for it yet?

ROBBIE: Yeah, we have. We filmed over a month ago and it’s coming out in March 6 after the winter break.

CV: You’re also going to be in a movie, Cold Moon. What can you tell us about that?

ROBBIE: Cold Moon is a rendition of an old novel written in 1980 called Cold Moon Over Babylon by Michael McDowell. It’s about a guy that runs a bank who’s haunted by his past through supernatural means. He has a very dark heart and is trying to put his past behind him but it kind of comes back a little bit. He’s a bit of an evil bad character himself. I play his brother who’s not particular bright or smart. Mentally, there’s a little bit that’s not right about him. He becomes his brother’s accomplice in carrying out tasks, almost against his will. Sometimes it’s horrible horrible things. It’s a really cool indie horror film. It was a really fun shoot. It’s in post-production at the moment. It’ll be really cool to see a cut of the film soon.

CV: Is there a release date for that yet?

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ROBBIE: Not as of yet, no. I think we’re going to do a run of the film festivals this year and some upcoming events to showcase the film when it’s all done. I spoke with the director. He’s working hard polishing it all up.

CV: I hear you enjoy video games as well. What are you currently playing?

ROBBIE: I’ve been obsessed with Fallout 4. I can’t get over it. I really can’t. It’s quite a problem. I also play games with my mates in the UK. It’s a good way to kind of catch up and bond with my friends back home that I can’t really hang out with when I’m away.

Be sure to catch the return of Heroes Reborn this week as well as the return of Once Upon a Time in March.