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Rob Liefeld To Bring BLOODSTRIKE To Hollywood

The comic creator wants to bring one of his very own, creator owned properties to the big screen.

Those of us who watched X- Men Origins: Wolverine might recall having seen actor Ryan Reynolds play Deadpool. You might also recall that shortly after the release of Origins, rumors began to circulate that Reynolds would be reprising the role of Deadpool for the big screen in his own movie, and that none other than Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld would be involved in the development of the proposed film. Unfortunately, those rumors never seemed to have amounted to much, and we are still without a Deadpool movie. But Rob Liefeld hasn't given up on bringing his creator owned properties to Hollywood, at least not yet.

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Sources are saying and Liefeld has confirmed that he has taken BLOODSTRIKE to Hollywood and will produce a film based on his series. BLOODSTRIKE is a series created by Liefeld about a top secret organization made up of dead mercenaries who were brought back to life as part of "Project: Born Again." The series was first published by IMAGE back in 1993 and featured ex-Youngblood member Cabbot Stone as the leader of the team. According to Variety, however, the film adaptation of BLOODSTRIKE will be a little bit different from the concepts we saw in the comics. The film will feature "an elite group of super-soldiers who have vampire blood." Sounds trendy, right? To be fair, though, this description doesn't deviate too much from the original characteristics of the Bloodstrike characters: they are super powered, they are dead and they are all members of a secret organization. The just happen to want to suck your blood, too.

In addition to Liefeld having signed on to produce the film, Variety has also reported that Adi Shankar's 1984 Private Defense Contractors has acquired the film's movie rights. Based on the little we know, Rob wants to make this movie a violent one. The creator took to Twitter to reveal that he wants this movie to be "R-rated." Sound like something you're interested in? Take to the comments to let us know whether or not you were a fan of BLOODSTRIKE and whether this is something you are looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

Source: Variety