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Rob Liefeld Leaves DC Comics

The creator is "finally off the DC treadmill."

For those of you that have been thoroughly enjoying Rob Liefeld's take on New 52 characters like HAWKMAN, DEATHSTROKE and GRIFTER; we have some bad news for you. Earlier today the creator took to Twitter to reveal that he would be leaving all three titles and that he had "just sent [his] thank you's to DC personnel. Officially got off the DC52 treadmill this morning…"

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If you're going to quit your job, that's certainly one way to go about it. According to Liefeld, although he had a "great time at DC," and "believe[s] in what DC is doing," he had to "preserve his sanity." Sounds like being responsible for three ongoing titles was getting to be a little bit difficult, no? Or perhaps it was more than just that. According to the creator, DC's editorial was making last minute decisions to his books that were, well, testing his patience. He got into more detail over twitter citing that his decision to leave all three titles and the company in general, was primarily due to editorial decisions.

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This does make me wonder just how much of the books we are reading every month are heavily influenced and changed by DC editorial. How much creative control do the creators actually have? How many of the issues we read are changed at the last minute, and to what extent? Are some of the books we are reading changed entirely? It does make me question the integrity of the publisher a little bit. I mean, if so much of a book we are reading is altered from the original script handed in by the book's writer, can they really say it is still written by the creative team on the cover? Then again this is only one perspective from one specific creator. Still, it is something to think about.

Liefeld revealed that Scott Clark will be taking over writing duties on DEATHSTROKE and Marat will continue work on GRIFTER.