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RIP, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series

The two fan favorite shows are sadly no more. Let's take some time to look back and share why we loved these fantastic shows.

It's the end of an era, friends. This morning, Cartoon Network aired the last episodes of its current DC Nation programs, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Both are widely loved by the comic book community and, despite a more than vocal showing of support, CN has stood firm in their choice not to renew the shows.

You'll be missed.
You'll be missed.

It's easy to rant about this massively terrible decision, especially since it's allegedly based on lackluster merchandise sales, and neither was even given a fair chance in that regard. Complaining won't do us any good at this point, and while there's certainly some hope of these shows one day returning, it sadly doesn't seem likely.

Let's go for something drastic here. Instead of using the internet to rant, let's use it for some positive reflection. Below I've provided seven questions that'll hopefully make you think about the good times you've had with these shows. Go ahead and answer them for either program or even both if you're feeling up for it.

  • Why did you love the show?
  • What was your favorite episode?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • What was your favorite scene?
  • What was your favorite fight?
  • What was your favorite line?
  • What was your favorite joke?

For just this moment, try not to be sad the shows are gone. Instead, be happy they happened.

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. He wants to live in an alternate universe where GL:TAS action figures were made and the show was renewed for a second season.

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Posted By utkanflash
  • Why did you love the show?

Cuz this show totally crash ;) This show and series draw style, movement, choreography, action lines, characters all this reasons ;) Really good DC comic book TV show... 2nd in this area 1st Batman The Animated Series and now this.. And Im meet new heroes and characthers ... I so upset for the finishin'

  • What was your favorite episode?

1/13 Alpha Male, 1/16 Failsafe, 1/18 Secrets, 1/21 Image, 1/24 Performance 1/25 Usual Suspects, 2/2 Earthings, 2/6 Bloodlines, 2/7 Depths 2/9 Darkest, 2/12 True Colors, 2/15 Fireworks.. Im still dont see after 2/15... really good series

  • Who was your favorite character?

Dick Grayson, SuperBoy, Wally West, Tim Drake, Impulse

  • What was your favorite scene?

Impulse saving Flash future ;) - Wally and Barry last ones for ''The Day'' and wally says about it its funny - Dick Grayson and Zatanna scenes - Fight agains mentours in last 1-2 episodes of 1st season - Kaldur kill Artemis but really his not.. ım was shocked....

  • What was your favorite fight?

Mentours Vs Rookies Superboy and Dick vs Superman and Batman, Shazam, Superboy vs Despero, every battle against Black Beetle

  • What was your favorite line?

''Totally Crash'', ''Souvenir'', Im come back in a flash from Barry Allen :D :D

  • What was your favorite joke?

your name is dick ?!

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Posted By Drewyetti

@kuma_far: Where did nightwing do the whole "superpower" conversation? wait that is in the comics right?

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Posted By Teerack

Wouldn't it amazing if they shocked everyone next year by revealing a new series that picks up where this left off like when they ended Justice League and we're just like BOOM Justice League Unlimited? I mean if you think about it Young Justice is over. Most of the team are on the verge of becoming young adults and are all part of the Justice League now.

@Perfect 10 said:

  • What was your favorite joke?
  • there were jokes???

You seem a little whelmed.

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Posted By NICKXH

RIP Young Justice. :(

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Posted By kuma_far

@Drewyetti: Almost at the beginning of the second season, when somebody marvels upon Nightwing good relation with his ex-girlfriends and Nightwing replies that being cool with his exes is his superpower

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Posted By UltimateSMfan

The endings of both these shows were amazing and brought tears to my eyes, and made me excited for a 3rd season but that sadly may never come :'( But still holding onto the "Hope" if u get what I mean (wink,wink) seriously gonna miss them!!! Haven't enjoyed shows like these in years! Stop trying so hard with batman!! Nothing can remake the magic that was batman tas just market these shows better!!!!!! Damn it now I'm sad....

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Posted By fables87

Is the last show of YJ the 23rd?

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Posted By Dark_Vengeance_
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Posted By CaptainMexico

Cartoon Network sucks, plain and simple. All they care about is the money, not the fans. I always thought it was weird when networks would cancel good shows in the first season or the second season like Young Justice and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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Posted By mtrakos


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Posted By diarraharris3

It and Green Lantern were cancelled because it didn't sell enough toys? I wasn't aware there were toys for these shows also if they promoted it more(and the toys apparently) and kept it on the and didn't yank it off for several months and then when you put it back on not promote it. Also just saw the (last?) episode of Young Justice. It showed a larger menace coming up but that won't ever get touched on. Maybe the that part will get cut off when the dvd comes out.

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Posted By WaveMotionCannon

The best shows on CN and they are now gone.

No need to watch the channel anymore.

This. Other than Black Dynamite on Adult Swim, I'm done with the CN.
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Posted By ectoborge

Why did you love the show?

The writing of the Spectacular Spider-Man combined with the art of Batman:Under the Red Hood

  • What was your favorite episode?
  • True color's: Fun action packed and filled with camioes from my favorite characters, Arsenal, Deathstroke, Mercy, and the voiceactor for samurai Jack as Green Beetle. This episode was so epic that I had to stare blankley out of a window for ten minutes just to get my head clear.

  • Who was your favorite character?
  • Red Arrow: he felt like my internal monologue on the show. Whenever a character messed up or was acting imature he would call them out. He was cool enough to inlitrate and defeat the entire justice League, but more impressivley he defeated Batman.

  • What was your favorite scene?
  • Zatanna kissing Robin. I was on the fence about the show at the time but then I was like "F*%k yeah this entire seires is worth it!" Also Vandal shaking Darksides hand has been burned into my brain. I also liked the slow pan of all the characters in the final episode. If someone can get that as a wallpaper for me that would be great.

  • What was your favorite fight?
  • Superboy vs Superman and Robin vs Batman. Also anytime Superboy used red-k sheilds and when into roid

    -rage mode

    What was your favorite line?

    Vandal Savage after Aqualad fakes his own death and spoils his plans: somthing about "in death he has acomplesh more than any of my enemies in life."

  • What was your favorite joke?
  • After Robin blows up poison Ivy's tree: "Timber."

    Stay strong young Justice fan's!

    Also what would have been cool and I think they where hinting at was if Jason todd came back as Red Hood and the light used Match and Arsenal to create an anti-young justice league.

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    Posted By MidApollo

    I HOPE Beware the Batman and TTG FLOP HARD - like Teen Titans wasn't childish enough now they are making TTG - even more childish - WTF

    I hope they flop hard and YJ ending with a cliffhanger? are they serious ughhh - i am pissed

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    Posted By spidershamrock

    Can't believe they ended YJ on a cliffhanger like that, so annoying. Great show though hope there are more just like it, it was animation but not just for kids. Gonna miss it

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    Posted By comicfan123

    @WaveMotionCannon: Agreed. Adult Swim's Black Dynamite is simultaneously awesome and downright hilarious (I also like Robot Chicken and I LOVE Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), but I honestly couldn't give a crap about the rest of Cartoon Network. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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    Posted By Bobsjonjon

    This really sucks!

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    Posted By SuperDoahBoy

    @Jubilation7: It's not that shows like Ultimate Spider-man treats people like idiots, it's just those shows are specifically targeting younger children who may not know everything there is to know about the source material.

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    Posted By The Average Bear

    Can't believe they introduce Darkseid in the last episode of the series. Just, why. Why would you do this to us

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    Posted By SuperDoahBoy
    • Why did you love the show? I loved YJ cause I loved the Justice League shows and I felt that they left a void on CN when they ended and YJ filled that void and some.
    • What was your favorite episode? The last two episodes of YJ are equally my favorites cause everything with the undercover/faking death plan came to a head in these two episodes.
    • Who was your favorite character? Aqualad
    • What was your favorite scene? I have more than one, so I'll share my two favorites from the last episode. When Jamie and the Scarab showed that they understood each other and had become one when Black Beetle tried to kill them, and when they showed Static and Black Lightning working together.
    • What was your favorite fight? Just about all of the fights from YJ.
    • What was your favorite line? "Welcome back." when Aqualad "killed" Artemis.
    • What was your favorite joke? The two that stood out the most to me was when Red Arrow noticed the enjoyment his baby girl was getting from watching mommy and daddy kick butt, and when Bart asked if Barry said "Be back in a flash!" a lot and his family just sighed.
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    Posted By jorgeareizaga

    DC ANIMATION RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Posted By BlueLantern1995

    Green Lantern

    • Why did you love the show?

    I love the show for its original plot and for Aya and Razer and that very interesting relationship.

    • What was your favorite episode?

    I'd say that my favorite is episode 19 Loss. The episode had a great emotional impact and had a perfect balance of everything needed to make a truly awesome story.

    • Who was your favorite character?

    Part of me wants to put Hal or Kilowog but for this I have to say Razer and Aya tie. There relationship burned bright and made the show worthy to be named as one of the greatest TV shows in history live action or animated.

    • What was your favorite scene?

    I love many instances, the instance of Razer with the Blue Lanterns, Razer searching for Aya with a Blue Power ring following him. But if I had to say what was my favorite I would have to say that the ending of Dark Matter is the one that wins this. It stemmed off a horrible finale with it making me feel what Young Justice lacked...Hope.

    • What was your favorite fight?

    Just like with the above I like a lot of fights. Right now I'd have to say that the Blue Lanterns and Green Lanterns vs the Manhunters wins this.

    • What was your favorite line?

    "Give me my Shiney!"

    • What was your favorite joke?

    To be honest I don't remember any jokes.

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    Posted By Trixie

    Good. They were both really bad so I'm not surprised.

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    Posted By BlueLantern1995

    Young Justice

    • Why did you love the show?

    I have to say I love the 1st and 2nd seasons for different reasons. The 1st I loved for both its plot and characters. The 2nd one just for the plot as Character development slacked on all but Blue Beetle and Impulse.

    • What was your favorite episode?

    I'd definitely say the season 1 finale "Auld Acquaintance" which is the way the series should have ended.

    • Who was your favorite character?

    I'm probably one of the few who liked Artemis as my favorite from the very beginning. Her being missing for a good part of season 2 and then not appearing much after appearing for the 1st time is a major blow. Artemis is my favorite for her many qualities and her character depth.

    • What was your favorite scene?

    The ending of "Auld Acquaintance" wins this with ease.

    • What was your favorite fight?

    Definitely the Battle in the episode Summit.

    • What was your favorite line?

    "Hello Megan!"

    • What was your favorite joke?

    Just like with Green Lantern I can't really think of any. For now I'll put this:

    Kid Flash: "Anyone else want to reveal their deepest darkest secret"

    Miss Martian: "I have been hiding something"

    Kid Flash" "I wasn't being serious"

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    Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

    I seriously cannot pin down just one single favorite thing with regard to the questions here about why I loved these shows. I guess I'll just have to reflect further and find some specifics. All I can say for now is that I really am sad to see these shows be done when they were just so wonderful, but regardless I'm still quite happy they happened at all!

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    Posted By mk111



    I hope you're trolling...

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    Posted By ComicKing7

    I used to really love the show Code lyoko but it ended and it seemed like it would never return but now it is being renewed so their might be hope yet for them

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    Posted By consolemaster001

    my favourite part of young justice was when it ended

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    Posted By scarspider

    Now that Young Justice is cancelled, my faith in human potential is gone. If good shows like this get cancelled and all these shitty reality shows or singing competitions remain on the air there really is something wrong with us as a whole. I think I'll go into the wilderness like that kid from "into the wild" but I'll bring snacks.

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    Posted By BritishMonkey

    Instead of boo-haw-haw-ing over them being ended why doesn't somebody start up a kickstarter fund to get another season of the shows or something?

    I know there's a petition going around for these shows too.

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    Posted By JamesKM716
    • Why did you love the show?
    • What was your favorite episode?
    • Who was your favorite character?
    • What was your favorite scene?
    • What was your favorite fight?
    • What was your favorite line?
    • What was your favorite joke?
    • I loved the story of Young Justice
    • Probably the episode before the finale
    • Nightwing, then Aqualad
    • Wally's sacrifice
    • The one where Black Beetle takes down the whole team, also Aqualad vs Black Manta
    • "Tell her I love her" (Or something like that)
    • "That's so Crash!"
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    Posted By ssejllenrad

    Young Justice

    • Why did you love the show? - ironically darker than their more "mature" team show JL/JLU
    • What was your favorite episode? -Season ender season 1
    • Who was your favorite character? -Kaldur. Huge deal cause I'm an Aquaman ignorant hater before
    • What was your favorite scene? -Every Bats/Dick, Dick/Tim, Superboy/Superman "mentoring" talks
    • What was your favorite fight? -Season ender season 1
    • What was your favorite line? -"
      Wally: You brought your utility belt?
      Dick: Never leave home without it. First thing Batman taught me.
    • What was your favorite joke? -Not really fav but the biggest joke? The cancellation of the show. You're a joke CN. I hope you regret your stupid decision you wankers.
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    Posted By Mrfuzzynutz

    was it me, or did you want to destroy you TV when they showed Teen Titans Go?! Wally dies and you show me this garbage?!

    Booo you Cartoon Network...Booo I say!

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    Posted By Mojo65

    These are for Young Justice

    • Why did you love the show?

    It was the best superhero cartoon since JLU and while some characters did not get much development the ones who did typically had it done very very well and it was all lasting and real.

    • What was your favorite episode?

    Ether S1: Image, S2: Complications

    • Who was your favorite character?

    Miss Martian, moreso in season 2. Probably one of the most underappricated characters I can think of. Aqualad and Artemis are runner ups.

    • What was your favorite scene?

    Can I just say the entirety of Complications? Had all my favorites being smart and badass? No? Well ok then Aqualads recorded speech to the Light and the Reach shattering their alliance.

    • What was your favorite fight?

    Arsenal Vs Mercy Graves

    • What was your favorite line?

    Pretty much everything Black Beetle says, his VA is perfect.

    • What was your favorite joke?

    I don't know why but i was laughing like crazy the scene in the Finale where Miss M and Superboy were just like "THE MORE MORES YOU WILL RECEIVE!" and fialling around.

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    Posted By JamDamage

    I only watched a few episodes of Green lantern and was not impressed. I dropped it. I might check out the past episodes again when I'm bored. In fact I know I will. I'm to much in love with any thing comic related. I wouldn't even know DC if it wasn't for Batman TAS, Superman TAS, or Justice League. These shows helped get to know the DC universe when I finally jumped in to the reading. Sure there are differances between the shows and the books but it was a good anchor none the less. In fact, for a while I thought JL Unlimited was the most brilliant cartoon ever made for serious comic book readers. JLU pretty much focused on B-Listers. I let us get introduced to some characters, and if we liked them on the show, maybe we'd buy their back issues, new issues, or trades. If not for the JLU Booster Gold would have never become one of my favorite characters ever. In a way, it only seems right that he stay a B-Lister. Especially because of what he was doing in his last ongoing title. Playing the dummy. The B-lister, but being approved by Batman with how he approached what basically his mission was. Anyway. JLU had a few other episodes that were like that, that showed us how cool some characters were. Hawk and Dove. Even tho the Dove brother is dead, we got to see him in action. Their episode was even good enough to showcase the differance in how they fought. We also got a villain episode and saw why Deadshot is cool. JLU was not cancelled tho. It ended. Young Justice was cancelled. I hope to hell some other network picks it up because it was just so good. It was just as good JLU. I never would have thought that Aqualad would become my favorite character. I don'tthink anyone would have thought the animated version of Kandor...han..hal...what ever his nam was................AQUALAD would have gotten more time then the comic book version but he did. He is so much cooler the Aquaman is. (I'm a beared hooked handed fan). Season 2 answered a lot of our questions, but it raised a few more that will never get answered unless some other network picks it up. Warworld. Green Lantern of Mars. Lex Luthor the politician. Darkseid and the light. The split of the light? I didn't know they were split. What ever. The show was great and it's done. That's to bad.

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    Posted By Queen's Halo
    Loading Video...

    AKA I have better things to do than argue about the stupidity of YJ.

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    Posted By Deadpool_Deathstroke

    So pissed that Cartoon Network does not have a brain cell between them. TTG looks like GARBAGE, and Beware the Batman has hideous animation from what the promo pics have shown. I mean honestly, you drop Young Justice for a chibi comedy version of the Teen Titans? WHY NOT JUST MAKE A TRUE SEQUEL TO THAT SHOW IF THEY THINK THAT IS A BIG MONEYMAKER?! Here's hoping they bomb like they deserve and YJ gets brought back or they make good shows again. Maybe cross our fingers for that DC animated Judas Contract movie.

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    Posted By Vincie_Pooh

    Young Justice.

    Why did you love the show?

    - 1 reason. Greg Weisman, has made a lot of great work.

    - 2 It was different from others and I loved the storylines.

    - 3 I followed the comics of Young Justice and was excited about this. I didn't get to see what I wanted but it put a smile on my face to see they had Robin (Tim Drake) Impluse (Bart Allen) SuperBoy (Conner Kent) & WonderGirl (Cassie Sandsmark) Wish they had a eps to them, but what I got... Always loved the show.

    What was your favorite episode?

    - Season 1 Downtime. Reason being, I was really getting to know more on Aqualad.

    - Season 2 Alienated.... You see the Heroes with all there sidekicks... and the big shocker. Aqualad is teamed up with his father.... WOW!

    Who was your favorite character?

    -Robin III its Tim Drake! And If it had to be because he was in since season 1. Aqualad... that character made me like Aquaman and water powers more hahhaa.

    What was your favorite scene?

    - Mal & Karen figthing on a mission in the episode of "War"

    What was your favorite fight?

    - the real Roy Harper seeks vengence against Luthor. A guy with only 1 arm took on Luthors female hahaha!

    What was your favorite line?

    -Superboy: "I hate monkeys"

    • What was your favorite joke?

    - Flash: We can always use more raw power. And Earth has a third Green Lantern: Gy Gardner

    Hal & Stewart: (in unison) No.

    Flash: But we could really...

    Jordan and Stewart: (In unison) NO!

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    Posted By hamlet33

    @Dernman: I think Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman

    Avatar image for k4tzm4n
    Posted By k4tzm4n

    @HoodlumNoHavoc said:

    Is it possible if Gregg could make it to the upcoming Friday podcast to talk about the shows? I know Tony and Gregg are the only ones who follow Young Justice and Green Lantern respectively, so that'd be awesome since Corey, James and Sara don't watch either shows. Would appreciate it! =)

    I'd love to, but that's a question for G-Man!

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    Posted By keithmoon316
    • Why did you love the show?

    Green Lantern was just a great mix of drama, action, and comedy. It was a show my wife and I both enjoyed for different reasons.

    • What was your favorite episode?

    The final episode. It felt like the fall out between Aya and Razer was something that was planned since the first episode. Just great watching the evolution of two characters that aren't in the comic.

    • Who was your favorite character?

    Razer. I am a big Hal fan but I love how the show got me to care about a new character.

    • What was your favorite scene?

    I think when Aya went rouge and took over as the Anti-Monitor, but there are so many.

    • What was your favorite fight?

    Hal vs Astrocitus (Any battle)

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    Posted By Tyrannotaur

    I honestly have only seen a few episodes of Young Justice when it was early on in the series. I should have watched it more. Until I got DVR I had a hard time following Animated shows I do watch like Transformers Prime, Legend of Korra and (at the time) Avengers EMH. By the time I got the DVR it was too far into the show for me to want to try and play catch up. While I doubt my watching of the show would have saved it, I still kinda feel bad for not watching it and now seeing it get canceled.

    I hope that maybe it'll be like Family guy or Veronica Mars now and get back on TV or a movie from the fan outcry. I'd be happy to sign petitions if I come across them.

    Sorry to see that some people lost their favorites shows, but all good things must come to an end I suppose... unless you make a big enough stink about it and the network execs change their minds..

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    Posted By sweatboy

    I loved this cartoon, it's been a VERY long time (early 90s probably being the last time i did that) since i sat down at a certain time to watch a specific cartoon and followed each episode by episode, not missing a single episode (and if i did, watch it before the next one came out) At first, the time slot was Friday afternoons, which was easier to squeeze in, but on Saturdays i'd wake up earlier than on a normal day to watch it. I really did DEDICATE myself to the story in a way i couldn't to real life. The quality of the show was AMAZING, not just the costume designs, the faces, the colours and stuff, but the never ending twists and plots, the mystery/suspense.

    Superboy is one of my favourites, young Kal El was among my earliest cartoon addictions and Karl Kesel's Superboy was my first mainstream comic book. I was excited to hear he was going to enter DC Animated. (although i would have preferred the old haircut and leather jacket)

    But of course, this guy's already said some stuff i was thinking about

    @Perfect 10 said:

    • i found it perplexing that there was only ONE young justice member on the team (superboy WITHOUT his unique and cool tactile TK), everyone else were teen titans. seriously this show should have been called new teen titans because thats all they had in this show. then season 2 comes and they reveal its an alternate universe, too little too late, and i dont really care for screwed up versions of people love. nothing wrong with the REAL young justice. so glad i got the comics. the one good thing is at least it brought some attention to young justice comic, bad thing is the kids are going to not like it when they dont see any of the people from the show in the book and they will say "its not the real young justice" look at the date of publishing kid, comic came first.
    • What was your favorite joke?
    • there were jokes???

    Of course, anyone who was aware and concerned about the show before it actually came out were discussing the characters used (which VERSIONS of Robin and Kid Flash, or their ages) and knew about the alternate universe thing which G-Man cleared out. But i'm a 100% in with the TK issue. Superboy was always getting wrapped in metal or having to deal with far away objects, and LOVED showing off his TK. It was what gave SB his super-strength, invisibility and flight abilities, and what distinguished him as separate from Superman. Actually, that and his attitude, which is probably the complete opposite of Superman's character. HOWEVER, SB discovered his TK a little after his appearance, so maybe in the cartoon (if it HAD CONTINUED) he might have discovered it later too.

    But the other character choices were still questionable. First of all, a 13 year old Dick Grayson to lead the team,... did we NEED another Dick Grayson? Teen Titans was probably the most recent DC cartoon and Dick took center stage. He's also been in BTAS and every other Batman cartoon all the way back to Adam West's Batman and Robin. Hasn't everyone still had ENOUGH of Grayson? Tim Drake is my favourite Robin and probably the coolest member of the Bat Family, he started younger, he had natural ability, he had Batman AND Dick as teachers, and after 2 robins, Batman would have learned how to train a better student, if only he grew a little cautious/protective. At least Tim made his appearance later, and, i have to say the boy was just beautiful. The original YJ run got a lot of homo fan-fic/art, so i guess they were trying to avoid that from happening again, which would explain this version of Superman clearer.

    Although Barthelomew Allen I will be the greatest Flash, Barthelomew II was the funniest, and definitely a cooler boy than Kid Flash. He's fast physically, and also a little ADHD. He has a weird haircut, he happens to be a super genius due to having grown up in the future, he's SUPPOSED to be best friends with Sb and Tim, and makes better jokes than Wally.

    This doesn't mean nothing good came out of the cartoon though. I liked the tension between Superman and SB, the moody Superboy, certainly some of the little easter eggs like naming his new dog "Wolf" instead of Krypto, and Barry Allen appearing on TV with Iris a moment before the world blew up, those alien guys who i thought closely resembled the Legionaires (but were apparently a real team) were all really great. They had SO MANY clear drug references, like the S-patches Luthor gave SB (SB still found out who his second "dad" was) and Red Arrow letting himself go after learning his origins, Cheshire and Red Arrow's very open flirting, which was... kinda psycho. Speedy was a good character herself, but Arrowette wasn't too bad.

    Avatar image for humanfly26
    Posted By humanfly26
    • Why did you love the show?

    Both: Because they focused on parts of the DC universe other than Batman and Superman. They both drew inspiration from recent comic runs, but managed to have their own unique feel.

    • What was your favorite episode?

    GL: Into the Abyss - Green Lantern and pals are getting sucked into a black hole, Aya builds her robot body

    • Who was your favorite character?

    YJ: Aqualad (Season 1), Impulse (Season 2)

    • What was your favorite scene?

    GL: The end of the pilot when Kilowog reveals he saved the entire planet's population, since that's what he would have saved if he could relive his own planet's destruction.

    • What was your favorite fight?

    GL: Hal Jordan vs. Ch'p

    • What was your favorite line?

    YJ: Neptune's beard!

    • What was your favorite joke?

    YJ: All of Miss Martian's mannerisms came from an old Earth TV show: 'Hello Megan'

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    Posted By gridlock464

    Young Justice

    ■Why did you love the show?

    While it wasn’t the continuity I grew up with, they did an amazing job updating characters but keeping the original feel of the characters. They didn’t dumb anything down, it wasn’t cartoony. It was a really solid animated

    series that had heart. They even had a nod to super friends with Tye Longshadow and his orange headband a la Apache Chief, as silly as it might seem it was a wink and nod to DC’s history. I doubt the show will go anywhere else, DC and CN are but parts of the Time/Warner family. Just have to hope they realize they made a mistake and bring it back

    ■What was your favorite episode? I can’t really say I loved them all

    ■Who was your favorite character? Robin/Nightwing

    ■What was your favorite scene?

    Green Arrow: [about Artemis] Um, she's my new protége.

    Kid Flash: Wha-what happened to your old one?

    Computer: Recognize. Speedy. B-06.

    Red Arrow: Well for starters, he doesn't go by Speedy any

    more. Call me Red Arrow.

    Green Arrow: Roy -

    you look...

    Red Arrow: Replaceable.

    § What was your favorite line?

    Robin: Why is no one ever whelmed?

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    • Why did you love the show?

    They managed to deliver all the action, humor, charm, and genuine character that you'd come to expect from more "mature" and "compelling" shows. They were so much better, so much more substantial shows than anyone would ever guess without watching them. I preferred YJ to GL, mainly because of the diversity of characters and the chance to look beyond the heroes and give the sidekicks their chances to shine. YJ turned the sidekicks into heroes and individuals on par or perhaps even abve their mentors.

    • What was your favorite episode?

    There were several, mostly in season 1 of YJ, before the show started throwing in more characters than you could care about. Independence Day, Humanity (the start of the most unlikely and yet most satisfying romance between Dick and Zatanna), Coldhearted (possibly Wally's best episode), Auld Acquaintance (D/Z shipping finally pays off), and finally Endgame.

    • Who was your favorite character?

    Nightwing, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, and Zatanna.

    • What was your favorite scene?

    When Captain Cold busts out of the bank he was robbing, only to be met by Zatanna, Rocket, and the rest of the ladies at Rocket's bridal shower.

    • What was your favorite fight?

    The Team vs. the Injustice League

    • What was your favorite line?

    "Seriously, what's with you and this whole 'whelmed' thing?"

    • What was your favorite joke?

    "Hello, Megan!", "Mode/ Not Mode", and Dick's constant fascination with "whelmed".

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    did anyone watch the ending of young justice? anyone? Can anyone say new name for the show.

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    Why did I love the show? treated it's viewership, no matter their age, with respect and didn't dumb down the material.

    Favorite episode: "Image" when m'gann first used the totality of her power to defeat psimon

    Favorite character: Aqualad (never doubted him for a second!)

    Favorite fight: Ms. Martian & Artemis vs Aqualad (in his mind)

    Favorite Line: "M'gann, what have you done"-Artemis

    Favorite Joke: Kid Flash's collection. Not really a joke as much a gag, but whateves!

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    First off let me say neither me or wife had any love for the GL show at first. But she started watching and eventually so did I. The show didn't really grab me at first but the show like wine got better with age. So I advise anyone who hasn't seen the show or stopped watching early on to give another try.

    • Why did you love the show?
    • What was your favorite episode?
    • Who was your favorite character?
    • What was your favorite scene?
    • What was your favorite fight?
    • What was your favorite line?
    • What was your favorite joke?

    In regards to YJ. The quality of the animation, the stories, the characters and voice acting. I laughed, got surprised, held in suspense and just had the overall what happens next feeling with each episode.

    My favorite well I'd say would be the last episode "Endgame". It wrapped up some a lot of lingering issues, wasn't a completely happy ending. Great action and story telling but the burn of knowing it won't get finished properly this was a season finale that the network turned into a series finale.

    I loved all the characters wished I could have seen more Lobo. Superboy however I liked how unlike the others he didn't mature physically but mentally as a person he did.

    Favorite scene was when the team upstaged and confronted the Light and the Reach at the same time.

    Favorite fight was when the team took on Mongul.

    Seeing Mal Duncan dressed as Guardian and giving that summoning his power speech to distract Despero was epic and hilarious at the same time.

    My favorite joke also involved Mal in his "Superman done right" costume in the Halloween episode "Secrets". It was Superboy's (clone version) original look in the comics.

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    i had just resently gotten into watching the show and i loved it. it angers me that there over already. not a fair enough chance.