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RIP, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series

The two fan favorite shows are sadly no more. Let's take some time to look back and share why we loved these fantastic shows.

It's the end of an era, friends. This morning, Cartoon Network aired the last episodes of its current DC Nation programs, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Both are widely loved by the comic book community and, despite a more than vocal showing of support, CN has stood firm in their choice not to renew the shows.

You'll be missed.
You'll be missed.

It's easy to rant about this massively terrible decision, especially since it's allegedly based on lackluster merchandise sales, and neither was even given a fair chance in that regard. Complaining won't do us any good at this point, and while there's certainly some hope of these shows one day returning, it sadly doesn't seem likely.

Let's go for something drastic here. Instead of using the internet to rant, let's use it for some positive reflection. Below I've provided seven questions that'll hopefully make you think about the good times you've had with these shows. Go ahead and answer them for either program or even both if you're feeling up for it.

  • Why did you love the show?
  • What was your favorite episode?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • What was your favorite scene?
  • What was your favorite fight?
  • What was your favorite line?
  • What was your favorite joke?

For just this moment, try not to be sad the shows are gone. Instead, be happy they happened.

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. He wants to live in an alternate universe where GL:TAS action figures were made and the show was renewed for a second season.

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Posted By PopRock123

-It was awesome

-too hard pick a favorite

- my favorite character was DIck and Wally

-looking at the picture he took with Artemis and when Robin lead the team.

-Nightwing vs anybody

-I don't know

-I love a lot of the jokes I can't pick one.

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Posted By annafh

Arsenal was great, especially on Timmy's missions, plus all of the Wally and Artemis interaction was awesome.

Razer's voice acting was perfect, and he, Hal, Aya and Kilowog made the best team. I'm gonna miss both shows so much!

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Edited By The Stegman

Favorite show- Young Justice, though Green Lantern was excellent too  
Why did I love it?- It was totally crash in every way
Favorite Episode- ALL OF THEM!! 
Favorite Character- Bart Allen, Dick Grayson 
Favorite Scene- The series of interventions Black Canary gave the team.  
Favorite Fight- Young Justice vs Injustice League 
Favorite Line: "You have got to be kidding me"-Superman once hearing that Luthor would be taking over the UN 
Favorite Joke:  

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Posted By Darksider555

@Aeroman said:

Let us give a moment of silence for these two great shows that have ended too early


And now let's give the middle finger for the fucking morons who decided to cancel these two great shows

ill drink 2 that, mate!!!!

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Posted By arnoldoaad

@Mini_Bat said:

What was your favorite joke?

Hal: Ok, on my planet to show respect we shake hands, now shake

*Razer and Kilowag shake fist at each over*

Hal: Not like that!

yeah i remember that

Green Lantern's end was miles better than the end of YJ

is such a shame that it got cancelled just because the GL movie sucked too much

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Posted By Bogey

I'd love to watch these but I won't pay for cable or dish just to watch a few shows I may like.

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Posted By Zeeguy91

I know I'm gonna draw so much hate for this, but I thought it was awesome that they pulled a Barry Allen on Wally West in the finale. Running into oblivion. Made the ending pretty sad.

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Edited By Twentyfive

I am going to miss GL:TAS. Shame we never got to see John.

Oh, well. I did enjoy seeing Saint Walker, Sinestro and other characters. That show was amazing.

1. For YJ, my main draw to the show was the inclusion of all the characters from so many corners of the DCU. Of all characters, I never expected to see Rocket in animated form, yet there she was. That shows you the amount of effort they put into scraping the DC barrel for awesome characters.

For GL, aww man where do I begin. The whole thing was one huge fluffy pile of awesome. I guess my main draw was seeing all of the GL lore in animated form. When it comes to TV, the GL is a much under-appreciated character, so him having his own show was one of the better things DC animation has done since the end of JLU.

2. For YJ, easily enough, it was the episode where KF had to race 3K plus miles to deliver a heart to a hospital for transplant. That really made KF one of my favorite characters in the cartoon.

For GL, it was the one in which... I don't really know, actually. I loved a lot of them.

3. My favorite characters were Raz'r, Kaldur, Artemis and Wally. And Karen. She was cool.

4. Favorite fight? Well, none of the fights lasted too long... like even more than a minute, but I guess my favorite one would be Klarion and the other z-list DC mages vs the league and the team in split realities. Sucked that whatsisname had to sacrifice himself to whats that entity's name... oh well. That was what Zatanna wished for.

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Posted By ptigrusmagus

I have some mixed feelings about both finales. First thing that comes to mind is will we see Razer in comics? If so will he be dual wiedling? lol

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Posted By sho3s22

Young Justice was the way it should be done. Constantly building to something bigger. Loved every minute of it. No animated series has every came close to it. And I fear nothing ever will.

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Posted By abeyance

@k4tzm4n said:

  • Why did you love the show?
  • What was your favorite episode?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • What was your favorite scene?
  • What was your favorite fight?
  • What was your favorite line?
  • What was your favorite joke?

For just this moment, try not to be sad the shows are gone. Instead, be happy they happened.

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. He wants to live in an alternate universe where GL:TAS action figures were made and the show was renewed for a second season.

I loved both shows because they focused on a large group of characters from the comics. Green Lantern touched on other corps and shined like on less popular characters. Young Justice did the same thing with having a variety of characters. Young Justice also had backstory with characters that led to future developments like with Garth aka Beastboy.

my favorite episode for Green Lantern was when they were stranded on Mogo. Young Justice I like the episode where the worlds were split from adults and children where Captain Marvel was essential.

favorite character was Captain Marvel and Kilowog

favorite fight was Young Justice Vs Justice League and Hal vs Atrocitus

can't think of a favorite line and joke

Im really going to miss both these shows. It was a perfect blend of action and comedy. That is rare in cartoons these days. I also like the storyline format as opposed to random episodes that aren't connected. I don't get why Cartoon Network seems intent to get rid of quality shows in favor of cheap laughs and fan favorite characters. Batman is played out with me. I am tired of seeing Batman shows, especially after seeing characters like Captain Marvel, Icon, and others animated. I liked Teen Titans years ago because it knew how to blend action and comedy as well. Now they're bringing it back as a sole comedy. I don't think i will be watching it.

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Posted By Dernman
@k4tzm4n: No wonder I keep forgetting. 
@Outside_85: I agree they should have kept it like it was or not at all.
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Posted By AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

Most of my responses are revolve to YOUNG JUSTICE

  • Why did you love the show: I loved how the show connected elements of the Teen Titans and Young Justice (and other structures from DC Comics) together. It still gives the audience to remember the DC Universe before the NEW 52 universe occurs.
  • What was your favorite episode: Terrors - when the episode focuses on Superboy and Miss Martian. AND Runnaways - when we get younger 21st century versions of the Super Friends (and the return of Static).
  • Who was your favorite character: Tough call... but my guess Superboy, Arsenal, Deathstroke.
  • What was your favorite scene: When Superboy kisses Miss Martian in Terrors.
  • What was your favorite fight: Superboy vs Match AND Aqualad vs Black Manta in Season 2.
  • What was your favorite line: "...This is not a world, a universe, in which a free man can afford to be soft..." ~Black Manta. (I kinda thought for a moment Black Manta was referring that this show itself was a parallel world as the producers designated as EARTH-16 in the DCNU)
  • What was your favorite joke: When Miss Martian was trying to back cookies and gets the ingredients all over Superboy.
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Posted By halovsmarvel

Why did you love the show?

Young Justice actually had good character development

What was your favorite episode?

The one where Artemis faked her death

Who was your favorite character?

Tie between Aqualad and Superboy

What was your favorite scene?

Realizing that Aqualad was undercover

What was your favorite fight?

The Team taking down the Light

What was your favorite line?

Still you call us children, No wonder our victories mount. You constanly underestimate us.

What was your favorite joke?

Wally, just Wally

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Posted By shackle

YJ was miles above anything Marvel Animation has done, but it paled compared to Justice League. Sorry, it's true.

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Posted By SavageDragon

Never liked the GL show but Young Justice was pretty good. Great Animation, and solid story telling and I really like Megan in the first Season. Hello, Megan!

It had a good run.

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Posted By YourNeighborhoodComicGeek


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Posted By Darkmount1

Young Justice especially had the potential to be the start of a new DCAU. For that most of all, I'll miss it:

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Posted By HoodlumNoHavoc

Why did I love the show? I always loved DC's animated franchise. Animation, voice acting and plots are always stellar.

What was my favorite episode?Young Justice: Bart Allen's arrival ("Bloodlines") & GL: Steampunk Lantern =)

Who was your favorite character?Young Justice: Wally =( & GL: Oddly enough Guy Gardner...

What was your favorite scene?Young Justice: Flash reunion and the Vandal Savage+Darkseid & GL: Ch'p's cameo

What was your favorite fight?Young Justice: The trinity fighting alongside their partners & GL: Hal vs Guy

What was your favorite line?Young Justice:{Blue Beetle}: "Wally West will soon cease to exist." =( & GL:{Ch'p}:..-salute-

What was your favorite joke?: When CN and DC released the new show line-up...what a joke.

I would've said all of them for each question, but that'd be too easy. Hopefully these phenomenal shows carry on in the future. Best wishes to both creative teams.

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Posted By Highlander_615

Whoever cancelled these shows need to be run over by several monster trucks.

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Posted By ravisher

next season was gonna be awesome ;(

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Edited By Oscars94

I loved the shows because of awesome character interaction.

Favourite character: YJ:Aqualad

:GL TAS:Razer

Favourite episode of Young Justice: Summit (Aqualad is a BAMF and I loved that the team was back together)

Favourite episode of GL TAS :

Favourite scene: YJ :(When Arsenal and the Runaways saved the team from the War World)

GL TAS: ( Saint Walker's first appearance)

Favourite fight: YJ: (When the team fight the Reach, The Light and the League of Shadows)

GL TAS: (Hal defeating Atrocitus)

Favourite line:YJ: Icicle Jr: "Duuuude that's your sister". Robin-You seem distrought.

Favourite Line: GL TAS: Hal trying to communicate with Razer and Kilowog, without the ring translator.

Hal: Me, Hal

Kilowog: Poo-zer?

Favourite joke: YJ: Generally whenever Robin made a new word in season 1.

GL TAS: Roll call.

Kilowog: Aya?

Aya: Present.

Kilowog: Razer?

Razer: Hmmph.

Kilowog: Jordan?

*Hal playing pong with his ring.*

I am really going to miss these shows. Thank you to the creators for telling these most excellent stories!

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Posted By Kavahaden

Young Justice

Why did i love the show?

Simple the show had so many elements and characters to it that it didn't appear to be a kids show it was a show that kept me guessing and waiting to see what happens next

What was your favorite episode?

I'm going to split this into two my favorite out of the original was the one where they fought the league and my favorite Invasion episode was the one at the summit where Aqua Lad returned to the team

Favorite character?

Dick Grayson and Bart Allen

Favorite scene?

Dick looking back at the picture he had taken with Artemis saying "We'll laugh about this someday"

Favorite fight?

When they took down the light at the summit

Favorite line?

"Dude i crash all modes"

Favorite joke?

You're asking me to do the impossible by making me choose just one

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Posted By Raw_Material


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Posted By longbowhunter

I'm hoping DC takes a page outta Joss Whedon's book and follows up Young Justice with an feature length movie. I wanna see the team take on Darkseid.

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Posted By RavenVice01

Words cannot express how upset and depressed I am at Cartoon Network's decision to cancel Young Justice when they could have pulled together for one more season. But I think Wolverine can express how I feel:

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For those of you who do not wish for me to spoil the last episode's details. I suggest you check out this blog when you have already watched the last episode on Youtube or tomorrow at 10:30am. As for the rest of you who are like me and don't mind being told the details. Well here it goes. The Justice League is acquitted of all charges from Rimbor. Vandal Savage has had a secret pact with Darkseid all along which I think was obvious to all of us when Gordon Godfrey was defending Luthor's efforts the entire time. The Reach tries a last ditch effort to destroy the Earth with Magnetic field disruptors to cause natural disasters around the Earth. The League and Young Justice stop most of the disruptors but The Flashes were left with one disruptor that already reached critical. The Flashes use the speed force to slow down the disruptor and stop it. Unfortunately, it came at a great cost. Like always Wally West gets the short end of the stick and his life is absorbed into the Speed Force. Barry and Bart Allen are the only ones who remain. Why couldn't Bart get absorbed since he has no business being in the present time. My heart goes out to Artemis who deserved a happy ending. Bart Allen becomes the new Kid Flash. If another season had been approved then we might have seen Wally's return but we may never know because of Cartoon Network's stupidity. On a lighter note, Miss Martian and Superboy get back together and Wonder Girl gets with Tim Drake. If anyone out there has some kind of pull or reach with Cartoon Network, I implore you convince them to approve one more season or at least make a direct to DVD movie as a finale. The movie would consist of the Light and Apokolips making their move against the Earth and the resurrection of Wally. This series must end on a high note.

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Posted By Ben3000
  • Why did you love the show? For Young Justice it was because everyone felt like actual humans in there decision making. Green Lantern because it showed me how cool Green Lanterns could be.
  • What was your favorite episode? For Green Lantern Babel, that episode where Hal, Razor, and Kilowag's rings are depleted. As for Young Justice, Coldhearted, when Wally has to deliver a heart on his Birthday.
  • Who was your favorite character? Green Lantern it has to be Razor, Young Justice Nightwing
  • What was your favorite scene? Young Justice is Miss Martian reaching after wiping out Kaldurs mind. Green Lantern, when Aya shuts down her emotions.
  • What was your favorite fight? The Lanterns charging into battle against the Man-Hunter fleet. Young Justice, the Nightwing and Kaldur fight.
  • What was your favorite line? " Should I be concerned over the obvious delight our daughter takes in the ultra violence?" Red Arrow
  • What was your favorite joke? "Good thing you got your tiny mask on. In case someone from this uninhabited alien planet recognizes you." Guy.
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Posted By lifeboy

@Mini_Bat said: Hal: Ok, on my planet to show respect we shake hands, now shake *Razer and Kilowag shake fist at each over* Hal: Not like that!

That'st awesome dude! I missed the 1st season and half of the second, now I will have to buy the series:-D

My favs were when the sapphires teleported carol while she was in the buffet line and when larfleez tried to give the green lanternes something for getting him his lantern back and then he says "nah, on second thought, just go."

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Posted By Smart_Dork_Dude

I loved both of these shows. The only thing I can say about Young Justice? It could have been the New 52 universe and I'd be happy since it was a new universe, yet at the same time still felt like the DC universe I know and love.

Green Lantern? What can I say, it had everything a GL fan could want and then some.

You know? I recently found a song that sums up how I feel about these shows.

Loading Video...

Just one more episode. That's all I could ask for. One more episode.

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Young justice

1. It was Hilarious.

2. The last 2.


4. When Robin was leader for a mission.

5. Superboy/Robin vs. Superman/Batman. (episode26)

6."Why isn't anybody ever just 'whelmed'?" -Robin episode01

7. (Black Canary Beats Kid Flash)

BlackCanary- Now did anybody see what Wally did wrong?

Robin- OH OH! He hit on the teacher and got served!

Me- Ha, the boy wonder strikes again!

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Posted By comicace3

@The Cyan Lantern said:

Saddest part was I accidentally slept past it :( R.I.P.


Oh and I just love how CN cancelled YJ after Wally supposedly dies even though he is probably gonna come back with some new powers and an upgrade and how in GL, Razor is gonna become a Blue Lantern ( sarcasm/ *face-palm to the max*)

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Posted By Icon

Young Justice was the best superhero show this generation got. Finished way before it's time. DC Nation should look for a new home away from the dreadful Cartoon Network.

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Posted By Metron144

@Black_Claw said:

I'm really hoping TTG and Beware the Batman tank at this point.

Me too. I've already decided to show zero support for them or anything else on cartoon network. It's like they buy shows they know they don't want, just to keep other networks from buying them.

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Posted By Teerack

It was too soon :C

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Posted By Black_Claw

I'm really hoping TTG and Beware the Batman tank at this point.

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Edited By Aeroman

Let us give a moment of silence for these two great shows that have ended too early


And now let's give the middle finger for the fcking morons who decided to cancel these two great shows

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Posted By Perfect 10
  • Why did you love the show?
  • didn't. it was ok. great animation and the first season was done ok. showed a lot of potential. and was interested in seeing what they were going to do with the whole 5 year jump but it was poorly executed and posed more questions then answers. as a reader of the ORIGINAL young justice i found it perplexing that there was only ONE young justice member on the team (superboy WITHOUT his unique and cool tactile TK), everyone else were teen titans. seriously this show should have been called new teen titans because thats all they had in this show. im all for diversity but a light skinned, blue eyed blond black aqualad? really dc? sigh. are you that afraid of REAL blacks. empress could have filled that role much better and oh, she's a REAL young justice member. made tigress a half breed who uses her real name instead of a codename, related to cheserie, and a hero because why?? Arrowette (oh wow another real young justice member replaced by a lesser counter part, shocker) would have been a lot better. then season 2 comes and they reveal its an alternate universe, too little too late, and i dont really care for screwed up versions of people love. nothing wrong with the REAL young justice. so glad i got the comics. the one good thing is at least it brought some attention to young justice comic, bad thing is the kids are going to not like it when they dont see any of the people from the show in the book and they will say "its not the real young justice" look at the date of publishing kid, comic came first.
  • What was your favorite episode?
  • any episode with zatanna and the old happy and fun m'gann
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • m'gann (season one only)
  • What was your favorite scene?
  • m'gann kicking psimon's butt
  • What was your favorite fight?
  • m'gann vs psimon
  • What was your favorite line?
  • "hello, megan"
  • What was your favorite joke?
  • there were jokes???
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Posted By Dark_Vengeance_

I'm calling it now, YJ will be back.

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Posted By haydenclaireheroes

Young Jusitce

Why did I love the show?

The show was different from many other cartoons. All of the characters were developed enough to love them. Most of the episodes kept you on the edge of your seat because you didn't know what would happen next. This show had many layers of greatness.

What was my favorite episode?

My favorite episode had to be Depths. The way the writers told the story was brilliant. You were really on the edge of your seat throughout the whole episode. This especially holds true when Aqualad stabs Artemis. Than the episode does a 360 and reveals that Artemis with Aqualad on a undercover mission. Great storytelling!

Who was my favorite Character?

My favorite character had to be Artemis. She was mystery through out the mole story because the audience wasn't sure if we should trust her. But than we found out her backstory and everything started to tie together. I also love the relationship she has with Kid Flash.

What was My Favorite Scene?

When Aqualad Stabs Artemis

What was my favorite Fight Scene?

The Justice League fight scene in season one's finale.

Favorite Line?

"Hello Megan"

Favorite Joke?

Kid Flash: "Anyone else want to reveal their deepest darkest secret"

Miss Martian: "I have been hiding something"

Kid Flash" "I wasn't being serious"

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Posted By notarandomguy

I did not liked Young Justice till the time skip, somehow it got everything better and more interesting for me and I really loved the green lantern one more than anything, I'm gonna miss them both, yeah but, they're probably coming back, MOSTLY coming back, maybe september or next year but they'll be back..

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Posted By Duo_forbidden

Why I loved Young Justice: I love Young Justice because, it was made for everyone to enjoy, both for the younger and older generations.

Favorite Episode: Can I say all of them?

Favorite Character: Can I say all of them?

Favorite Scene: I have so many. Virgil Hawkins appearing, Superboy and Miss Martian getting together, any moment with Robin (Dick) and Zatanna, any moment with Cheshire, but my favorite has to do with anything with Wally and Artemis.

Favorite Fight: Because there are so many, I'm just going to say Aqualad and Red Arrow vs Sportsmaster and Cheshire.

Favorite Line: Black Canary talking to Wally about his near death experience.

BC: "Wally, you're in denial."

KF: "I'm comfortable with that."

Favorite Joke: Anything Wally says.

I'm going to miss this show.

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Posted By Jubilation7

Young Justice built upon each episode and i really enjoyed the season arc of Invasion. In short it did not treat the viewer like an idiot (see ultimate Spider-Man) which a lot of cartoon shows do (I am looking at you newest incarnation of Ben 10). However, TPTB seem to think only little itty bitty kids watch it which is why like shows such as Wolverine and X-men, Spectacular Spiderman etc. never seem to make it past a couple of seasons at the most.

It really is a shame that is there not going to be a Season 3 of YJ because I loved the potential idea of the Light working with Darkseid. What kind of deal would they have going on? I also wonder if Raven might have been in the mix as well for a third season.

I don't know if he is a favorite character but I loved the way Wally West was portrayed right on through to the end of this episode. He was about as true as the comic version was back in the heyday of Teen Titans (Wolfman/Perez).

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Edited By Mini_Bat

Why did you love the show?

I love teen superhero teams (well written one at least) and this show had a lot of my favorite characters from DC comics that haven't been show or been screw up by the reboot on it

GL was just perfect lol

What was your favorite episode?

YJ: Bloodlines- Flash Family!

GL: can't decide

Who was your favorite character?

Wally and Kolwag

What was your favorite scene?

Flash Family all in costume

What was your favorite fight?

Hal Jordan vs Atrocitus

What was your favorite line?

Black Canary: Your in denial

Wally: I'm fine with that

What was your favorite joke?

Hal: Ok, on my planet to show respect we shake hands, now shake

*Razer and Kilowag shake fist at each over*

Hal: Not like that!

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Posted By frozenedge

Favorite fight scene from Green Lantern was Razer demolishing a manhunter after it blasted Aya. And for Young Justice, anything involving Black Beetle, every time he showed up he swept through nearly everybody around him

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Posted By TheBlueWarden

Ah Young Justice is that show damn .. so amazing lol

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Posted By Outside_85

@Dernman: Something most people are fuming over... which could have been anything, but in this case its the TT comedy edition (while I like TT and the show, focusing on the dumb fun wasn't where I'd prefer seeing it going)

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Posted By SoA
  • Why did you love the show?- both great comic book -based shows
  • What was your favorite episode?- YJ- ep. where all the flashes are side by side . GL -Guy.
  • Who was your favorite character?nightwing , Capt Marvel /any obscure character -GL: Guy , Kilowog ,Saint walker
  • What was your favorite scene?Yj: first episode the crowd is arguing over kid flash's name
  • What was your favorite fight? YJ- taking down the light. Gl anything with the Manhunters
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Posted By NightRunner

@Dernman: @TMNT and Legend of Korra are replacing it for me.

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Posted By k4tzm4n

@Dernman said:

What's taking it's place again I keep forgetting.

Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman.