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Reviews: Warriors Three #1

Forsooth, verily and all that...

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Thor's buddies, the Warriors Three, band together once more to stop AIM's perverted alliance with the Fenris wolf, the instigator of Ragnarok.

The Good

I've seen Thor's "medieval spach" mangled enough times to appreciate whenever a writer can properly handle the classical dialog and Willingham has a true command of the language used here.  Every exchange and every expressed idea has much more charm and weight when phrased as such - - and I was even enjoying the personal monologue from the AIM scientist!

The Bad

As good as Edwards' art is, this title's another reminder that a lot of the Aesir are sorely in need of costume redesigns. Voltstaag's pink, gold and orange frock  looks a lot sillier when placed next to the sleek new outfit that Thor's been sporting so well for a couple years now.

The Verdict - 4/5

If you're like me and you're hesitant about reading a comic entirely about Thor's supporting characters, then you'll be just as surprised by how compelling Willingham and Edwards have made this. This is a dashing adventure with laughs,  horror and inspiration, melding classic mythology with the complexities of Marvel's modern world - - and I think the Warriors Three are going to be a lot more fans' favorite characters after they read this.