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Review: Zatanna- The Mistress of Magic #2

Definitely not as good as the first issue

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Zatanna continues her quarrel with Brother Night as well as a new adversary in the second issue of her self titled series.  

The Good

This was definitely one issue I had really been looking forward to, but after I read it, I was not quite sure how I felt. The story in this issue is very light and fun, and references the old JLA team (the one prior to Robinson's current run which featured Black Canary as the leader; did anyone else notice that?). The art was good, and consistent throughout the entirety of the issue, which I personally found good. Dini definitely knows Z's voice, and probably knows her character better than most writers.  

The Bad

This issue felt out of place with the first and the reading experience did not feel consecutive. In the first we saw Zee face off against Brother Night. And while we do see Brother Night in this second issue, his appearance is brief and his character portrayal is non-threatening. In this second issue, Zatanna's primary confrontation is with an obnoxious little troll named  Fuseli. This issue reads like a chapter out of Stephen King's The Cat's Eye, which was also a movie. Youtube it for a chuckle. My main problem with this issue was the way that Dini tried to bridge mysticism with reality through the use of a dream sequence. There was something about it that just felt off. 

The Verdict- 3/5

The issue is fun, and the series is fun- but I like Zatanna as a character, and I wonder if the fact that I really like her is influencing my perception of the series. It's a good time, but it is nothing thought provoking or moving. The comic is almost silly. If you like her character, chances are you you will enjoy this comic.