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Review: Zatanna #7

A spellbinding one-in-done.

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Zatanna's visit to Los Angeles to observe the opening of a magic museum takes a strange turn when some magical heirlooms come alive. 

The Good

I'll tip the old top hat to Beechen for making this something of a love letter to LA without ever letting it get saccharine. Wow... there really isn't a false note in it. It's clever, it's funny, it's a little weird and it's even ties everything together with a little character development. Plus, it's got the very amusing visual of a possessed turbin taking control of a whole suit of magical articles of clothing before it  wrecks havoc on hapless pedestrians.

The Bad

It's hard to really find anything to complain about with this one (unless you go in expecting it to be something other than a light, modestly-scoped romp through magical streets of LA.)

The Verdict - 4.5/5

It's appropriate that this issue has some callbacks to the deaths that befell so many DC mystics during Alan Moore's seminal Swamp Thing run, as this very much has the same kind of witty, imaginative whimsy that Moore loved to lavish on much of his ABC work. You've got a fun central idea, a cute and plucky heroine and beginning-middle-end that gets tied up with a nice bow. What's not to like?