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Review: Young Allies #1

A familiar, but well done, debut.

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A loose alliance of Nomad, Firestar, Gravity, Arana and Toro forms in response to the Bastards of Evil terrorizing New York.

The Good

The opening to this, showing Toro's brutal upbringing (with shades of Blood Diamond,) was absolutely gripping. Just a great, dark way to start things off. While I've got some issues with the Bastards of Evil (more on that later), I do think the concept of these anti-social, walking WMDs starting chaos just out of a boredom is a nicely chilling concept. Baldeon's art was great, especially in its storytelling. The reveal of the explosion stopping Nomad and Arana in their tracks in the bridge was a good example such a moment - - really making you gasp like they were. I'm sure the whole notion of capital punishment is going to play out through the course of this arc, so I liked the organic way McKeever brings it up through the conversation Gravity has with his friends at college. And the inside-jokes about people confusing with Spider-Girl was a great wink to longer-term readers.

The Bad

It would've been an easy fix to identify all the Bastards of Evil with some simple captions, because the way they introduce themselves in the dialogue comes across as really unnatural. Actually, I don't know why they didn't just use the mini-bio captions they used for the Young Allies themselves. They were helpful and unintrusive.  Also, while I think it's a fun idea to have them be the misbegotten children of supervillains, I do think the MU's gone a little crazy with the generational theme lately - - where do all these missing kids come from? 
 I'm hoping there's going to be more of a gimmick to the Young Allies than just them being an unofficial team of the next generation of Marvel heroes, because that's something I've seen plenty times already with the various incarnations of the New Warriors, the Slingers and even the last iteration of the Young Allies that spun of Heroes Reborn. I also hope they revise Toro's design to make those inverted hooves look a little more natural, because they're a bit awkward here.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

This is the well-worn "gathering of young heroes" story, but you can always make a familiar story fun with a good spin - - and McKeever and Baldeon definitely put some spin on it. I'm  still hoping that there's going to be more to this team than them just being a young team of heroes, but this ride was still fun for what it was.  I am curious to see what comes next go after it all "goes green" at the end.  Anyway, if you do pick this up, you are going to get a well-done isssue.