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Review: X-Men: Xenogenesis #1

A little too pricey for what it does.

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After a puzzling rash of "mutant births" in Mbangawi, the X-Men go to investigate. But they're in store for a thick net of political intrigue.

The Good

There are some good quips here, particularly the line about the "20-year-old condom" and all the jokes about Cyclops' general dweebiness.  Andrews brings great storytelling and an unusual style that really gives the X-Men a fresh look (and that's combined with D'Amarta's colors). You also have to tip your hat to Ellis, too,  for really doing the research about modern Africa, rather than setting this in the "country of Africa" that so much Western fiction tends to.

The Bad

I'm all for different interpretations, but Andrews seems to use an almost completely different rendering style for Emma Frost that really didn't jibe with the rest of the characters. Her grotesquely exaggerated "dangerous curves" looked like something out Lil' Anny Fanny that had just been dropped into this comic. There was something askew in the writing of some of the characters, too. Storm, for one, came off as a lot more catty and worldly than the "goddess" she's supposed to be, and Wolverine - - even though Storm remarks that he's wiser than most people think - - seemed a little out of character when he started filling in the socio-political exposition regarding Africa. Somehow, I don't see Logan reading the New York Times everyday. 
Also, I'd feel kind of giped by the bonus material of the script if I were buying. It really doesn't add anything interesting to my impression of the issue. I would've preferred a longer feature story or maybe even a back-up instead.

The Verdict - 3/5

I was initially intrigued to see how the "mutant births" enigma would play out, but my interest dipped by the end. I'm really not that intrigued to see how this plays out, even though this was competently done. And again - - what's up with Emma Frost? She's like a political cartoon. Considering how pricey this, I don't think if it's really worth adding to your pull list.