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Review: X-Men: Second Coming -- Revelations: Hellbound #1

The title's a mouthful, but this is one of the best comics this week.

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Cannonball gathers a posse of X-Men together for a special mission: rescue Magik from limbo.

The Good

A lot of times I'll criticize a comic if it's full of talking heads. I now have this to point to as a counter example. This is how you do a dialogue-driven book. Every single character has a clear and unique voice and it's utterly compelling to see how they interact with one another. Hell, it's even great to just hear how their opinions on Magik differ. Yost's dialogue is that good. And Tolibao's art conveys so much through their body language and the character nuances in even the subtlest actions. I've been out of the X-Men loop for a while, but Yost brings me up to the speed in a way that's totally organic to the narrative, given me a quick handle on even new characters I'm not familiar with. Even though I've never read a story with Pixie in it before this, she was involved in two of my favorite scenes - - Colossus' hot tempered "plea" for her help and Anole's quiet reasoning with her on the roof.
Even though I would've kept reading another whole book of just the dialogue... when the action gets going, it really gets going. This skeleton crew's arrival into limbo is great reveal and things quickly get nightmarish in a really appealing way. I'm not quite sure who the demonic guest who shows up at the end is, but I've got an idea, and I really want to see what happens now that he's entered the fray.

The Bad

Despite some great Sal Buscema art, the back-up feature - - a reprint of Magik #4 from the 80s - - is hopelessly dated. After such an awesome feature story, the whole thing was really a chore to get through, by comparison. I actually wish it wasn't included.

The Verdict - 4.5/5 

I don't know what it is, but there was a deluge of great books this week, making up for all the duds I read last week. Yost, in particular, is on a roll between this and Red Robin. Even if you haven't been reading Second Coming (I haven't), I urge you to pick this book up. Sit back and enjoy Yost's amazing dialogue and characterization, and drink up Tolibao's stunning artwork.