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Review: X-Men Legacy #239

The X-Men tackle arranged marriage.

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As the X-Men follow Paras into Mumbai, they find out his presence there's complicated by not only some arranged marriage intrigue, but also by the appearence of the mysterious street artist, Luz.

The Good   

By and large, I've been enjoying the new directions the X-Books have been going in lately. It makes a lot more sense for them to be more of an organized community like this, with Utopia as their base as opposed to some secret mansion in upstate New York. On the same note, I'm glad that they're also finally exploring subjects that had just been teased about for years and years, like Rogue's possible relationship with Magneto. I'm liking how it's being handled. 

The Bad   

The art here's honestly a bit stiff and under-detailed for my taste, especially in the opening action scenes. It feels like the inker and colorist are picking up more slack when it comes to rendering than they ought to. Plot wise, I realize this is supposed to be more soap operatic X-Book in contrast to the more action-based "adjective-less" X-Men but this arranged marriage drama seems rather... pedestrian for the X-Men. There may yet be more to the Luz girl than meets the eye (as Magneto is keenly aware of, already) but it just doesn't seem to sit right that they'd put up with her childish vamping for even this length of time.

The Verdict - 3/5  

Part of the point of doing more than one X-Men book is to specifically focus on different aspects of their mythology. I realize that Legacy is consciously trying not to feel the same as regular X-Men, but I still prefer that title to this. I think it better balanced the heroics and the character interest, while this felt so much like a soap opera, I was waiting for a diamond thief to show up with an eye patch on.