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Review: X-Men #5

This ain't about vamps and muties, it's about Wolvie and Cyke...

The war between mutants and vampires culminates in a very perosonel, and very bitter, one-on-one fight between Wolverine and Cyclops. 

The Good

I don't comment on coloring enough and the Gracia's work here deserves some special recognition. He puts a gold sheen on everything that gives this whole story an awesomely noirish vibe. Also, I love seeing the familiar "brainwashed team mate" conceit get turned on its head and was thus glad to see Wolverine get conclusivesly beaten down here, and in such a humiliating way too. 

The Bad

Dracula's costume design is really puzzling. I can understand why they wouldn't want to put him in the usual black suit with a cape and medallion, but the silver pony tail and the hoop earings seem too... gaudy. While I think the armor's actually pretty cool, he almost looks like he just stepped out of a Castlevanie game. 

The Verdict - 4/5

I have something of a pet peeve for vampires, so it's an accomplishment when a story can not only get me to stomach them, but also even enjoy their presence. The militarized spin of an actual, full-out war between mutants and vampires in this storyline has been thoroughly exciting, and I've been enjoying the politicking on both sides as much as, if not more than, the actual fights.