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Review: X-Files: 30 Days of Night

Two awesome properties in one book... It's a 2-for-1!

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X-Files: Well, I like the X-Files. 30 Days of Night: I like 30 Days of Night. Comic Book: I love comic books! Vampires: They annoy me, but it's 30 Days of Night, so I'll forgive them.

The Good

These two properties word so well together! It makes sense. There are some great elements of horror and detective work in here and I feel that this could be it's own film or television mini-series. The writers, Steve Niles and Adam Jones work really well together, and there was only one time I felt any of the writing was sub-par. It was an incredibly enjoyable read, and it felt so much like the X-files television show.

The Bad

For those playing the home game, please go to page 14. There is one panel that truly truly bugs the heck out of me. Agent French is giving a verbal smackdown to Agent Mulder and has some pretty weird dialogue. His whole monologue sums up the first season of the X-Files. Where Mulder came from, how the Bureau treated him. It felt so unnatural to read. I'm not digging too much on the art also. It reminds me a lot of the Sandman series during the 80s, and the art feels a little outdated.

The Verdict 4/5

It was hard for me to figure out where to put this, mainly because I felt the art was no-so-great; however, the writing and story on this, so far, were amazing. If you ever enjoyed either of these properties, jump on this book. You'll love it. For readers who never really got into either franchise, try it out anyway because this really was enjoyable.