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Review: World War Hulks Captain America vs Wolverine #1

Yes, this was actually made into a comic book.

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Gamma powered heroes fight each other. That's about all you can say about this story.

The Good... Not really

There was only one thing I liked about this whole entire issue. (Spoiler Alert, but who really cares anyway) Logan and Squee (Who the heck is Squee? I'm missing something here...) are following a woman who steps into a high class restaurant. Squee is dressed the part to get in, but Logan is not, so both characters go into a tuxedo shop, cleverly located across the street, threaten the owner, and steal two tuxedos in order to get into the restaurant. I loved this scene because it was incredibly cheesy and flat-out dumb. Sorry if I'm being too brutal already, but come on, that's ridiculous...

The Bad

Where to start? How about the fact this takes place in main continuity? Two gamma powered characters battling each other with lots of inner-monologue about who their new powers work. Now, the art and dialogue aren't too bad, I could take it or leave it, but the story is un-savable. It reminds me of Marvel comics circa 1997 where they were trying anything to get new readers in. The whole idea of gamma powered characters who already have super-powers is annoying. It's like a buy 1 get 1 free carton of eggs. There's no way I can use 24 eggs before they go bad. Even the fight scenes annoyed me a little because I felt way too distracted by the inner-monologue going on.

The Verdict 1/5

What I'm getting at here is that too much of a good thing has turned out bad. Super-powers are pretty cool, but super-powered characters with extra super-powers are just plain annoying. If you're a huge fan of all this World War Hulk jazz, give it a read through, but seriously, pass the book up and buy Second Coming if you want to see what a good Marvel storyline looks like.