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Review: Wonder Woman #604

A "fiery" battle... Yes, I'm aware of the pun.

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The final issue of this storyline is here and a whole bunch of craziness is revealed! Will Wonder Woman come out of this alive?

The Good

I really enjoyed the battle scenes within this issue. They were exciting and downright intense. The back story for the main villain in this issue, whose name I did not pick up on after reading it, was pretty cool and was an interesting look into the psyche of a madman. The best part of the issue, however, were the final few pages where there was little to no dialogue, and it was just Wonder Woman waking up after the aftermath.

The Bad

I've tried time and time again to understand and enjoy Wonder Woman with no avail. I just end up feeling like I'm cramming this book down my own throat. It's not a bad book, but it's just mediocre to me. I'm lost as a non-Wonder Woman reader to what is actually going on, and some of the dialogue is pretty thick and relevant to things that have already happened, but it doesn't really catch you up on what's going on. The art is just okay, and it's hard to go from Superman: Earth One (also written by Straczynski), which was very strong writing-wise, to this story, where it fell incredibly flat for me.

The Verdict 2.5/5 So-So

Bad Jumping On Point

Not the greatest place to begin reading this comic. I've never been shy about saying "I'm not a Wonder Woman fan," but there have been a few WW things here and there I've liked. This book wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. I'd actually say save your money and buy Superman: Earth One instead because this book was pretty forgettable. If you're still interested in Wonder Woman, but haven't been keeping up, pick up #605, when it seems a new story will start.