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Review: Wolvierine Origins #49

Featuring the return of one of my favorite villains... well, kind of.

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After the battle between Romulus and his son, Daken, Wolverine takes some time off to get away and build a cabin in the woods, and he's confronted by Nick Fury, and ghosts from his past.

The Good

Yes, this is a quick read, and seems like a throw-away story, but I really like it. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a comic book about Wolverine building a cabin in the woods. The majority of this issue deals with the pain of Wolverine's past all presented to him in a somewhat dream sequence, and it ends on a seriously depressing reveal page. Daniel Way, once again, is great at storytelling. The dialogue is solid, and he's one of the very few writers that makes me care about Wolverine. So many writers drop the ball on that, and they try to make Logan incredibly hip, tough, and cool, but Way does a great job at writing him as a human, not as a gimmick. Although he's been dead for a few years, (spoiler) it was really cool to see Sabretooth (even though it was a dream sequence) back in action once again, especially the non-feral Sabretooth. This issue does take place after some major events in the overall Wolvie story, but you could easily just jump right in and know what's going on, since the book is between major arcs right now.

The Bad

The artwork is just ok for me. It did the book justice though. Other than that, my only real complaint is that this is a throw away story, just like last week's Dark Wolverine. Sure, it's a two part story, but will this have a lasting affect on the Marvel Universe? Will the events that took place in this issue, especially that last reveal page, matter at all in a couple of months? Probably not.

The Verdict: 4/5

Solid book, and a very fun read. And although this may be a forgettable short arc within the larger picture, I'd still highly recommend picking this issue up because Daniel Way writes Wolverine building a cabin in the woods, a story many people would find boring, better than 99.9% of those one-shot Wolvie stories coming out every month. If you like Wolverine, or just want to jump in on a Wolvie book, now is the time.