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Review: Wolverine Weapon X #16

The series finale!

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After Nightcrawler's death in Second Coming, Logan learns that within Kurt's will, he asks Logan to do one last thing for him. In this series finale, we also get a glimpse into some of their history together.

The Good

A lot of the time, finales for short-lived runs tend to be pretty anti-climactic or downright horrible. This is not the case here. Although I've only read about 6 issues for this series, they've all been pretty good, and this one stands above most of those issues. The whole issue actually humanizes Wolverine, for once. It shows that he's more than just slice-and-dice and being the "best at what he does." Beneath the cheesy mask, growls, and cigars, he's actually a human who cares for the people close to him (Not just Jean Grey). Although these two characters didn't always see eye-to-eye, they were still close friends, almost brothers. This issue gives a couple examples of this. It's hard to believe that I enjoyed an issue (of any comic) where the main character is just carrying around a piano for 30 pages, but the writing is just that good.

The Bad

The artwork isn't bad in this issue, but it's not great. The vast majority of it is really cool, except for close-ups. As soon as it is a close-up on another character, the face becomes a little distorted. This is only a minor complaint though. The rest of the book is solid.

The Verdict 4.5/5

He may not be slicing and dicing through villains in this issue, and he may not be saying "bub" every three panels, but this is a great Wolverine story. It's sad that this book is coming to an end, but in just a couple of weeks, the writer of this book, Jason Aaron, will be taking over a new Wolverine on-going series, so keep your eye out for that. X-Men fans are going to want to pick this up, especially if the death of Nightcrawler during Second Coming got you a little teary eyed or downright mad. It's great to see the dynamic between the Elf and Logan once again. I highly recommend the end of Wolverine Weapon X.