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Review: Wolverine Weapon X #12

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Wolverine Weapon X #12
Wolverine Weapon X #12
Sometimes it's hard to pick up a Wolverine book. The character has seemingly been over saturating the Marvel market for years, and yet a few of his stories are the best Marvel has ever put out. Wolverine: Weapon X is an off-shoot of the current Wolverine on-going series, which his son Daken took over last year, and this book is a little more adult and violent than normal.

The Good

First thing is first, I'd like to say that the first page in every Marvel book explaining everything that is going on in the story is wonderful. It's little things like this that bring some people up to speed, like myself, who may jump into reading a book during the middle of a storyline. After reading this, you understand what is going on and are ready to read on. Deathlok is a character I've never really understood, but in this book, he's depicted as more of a terminator figure, with many other Deathloks clones having the same mission. It's a familiar concept that I felt comfortable with, even if it has been done before. The action in this book is great, and it does not pull punches. It get incredibly violent, but there is a reason for it all. It's not just there for the cool factor.

The Bad

I got a little confused when they were jumping through two different time-lines. I'm sure this problem would have been easily averted had I read the first issue, and as much as I love the familiar Terminator-like atmosphere, I was a little annoyed it didn't stray too far from it. This story was something I was very happy with, but at the same time I felt I had seen it too much. I was confused with who a few characters were and how they played into the story. I made assumptions by the end of the issue of who they were and seemed to get it right, but again, I didn't read the first issue of the storyline. There is little that I didn't like about this comic other than that though.

The Verdict

I may not fully understand who some of the characters are or what exactly is fully going on, but this book was a lot of fun, like watching a summer blockbuster with a full bag of popcorn. Yes, Wolverine is everywhere. Yes, we all get sick of him, but although we've seen this type of story before, you can't deny the book because it's flat-out good and a great read. I went into it thinking it would be sub-par at best, but I quickly realized this was one of the more entertaining books I read this week.