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Review: Wolverine #1

#1 with a SNITK!

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Logan goes to Hell. You've heard the title. You've seen the promos. Now find out how Logan's old army buddy John Wraith gets him sent down under. 

The Good   

Aaron's got a unique ear for dialog and it was refreshing to have this story hook you at the beginning with an arresting talk between Logan and Wraith as opposed to, say, a flashy fight. While Guedes does some solid work, it's the combo of Latour and Renzi in the back-up feature that's really turned me my head. I've never seen anything as arresting as their style in a long time. The story in the back-up actually hooked me a lot more than the feature. After this meditative monologue, I'm intrigued to see what the Silver Samurai's possible return entails.

The Bad   

It's a bit of head-scratcher as to why John Wraith never teleports while he's fighting the possessed Wolverine (or whatever the bad guy was.) That's his one-and-only power... you'd figure he'd popping around his foe like a hummingbird. Also, given that there was just a major storyline in X-Men proper that related to a nether world (limbo) I feel like we're double-dipping a bit here, story wise.

The Verdict - 3.5/5  

I'm of two minds about this storyline. On the one hand, it's sizing up to be an interesting companion piece to Wolverine Origins; putting Logan face-to-face with all the ghosts from his past in a very real way. On the other hand, I can't help thinking that Wolverine's going back into Marvel's hell after the X-Men literally just got out of it. And I'll reiterate that art in the back-up feature will take you by surprise. I haven't been this intrigued by art in a short since the first time I encountered Ed McGuinness' art - - which, coincidentally, was in the '96 Wolverine Annual that also featured Silver Samurai.