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Review: Wolverine #1

Wolverine heads to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!

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Jason Aaron of Wolverine: Weapon X, and Renato Guedes of Action Comics come together to take Wolverine somewhere new... Hell. 


Yep, Wolverine is going to Hell. Seriously. When I saw the solicit for this book, I laughed too. However, I gave the book a shot, and was glad to see Jason Aaron on it because I loved his run on Weapon X. This book is obviously more than just Wolvie trapped in Hell slicing and dicing his enemies. Essentially, without giving away too much, there's two Wolverine's running around in this issue and the explanation, although short, easy, and sweet, was pretty cool. There's a lot more depth to this story than you might think. In addition to Wolverine in Hell, we get to see old buddy John Wraith doing what he does best. We also have Melita and a few other surprise guests working together to find out what happened to Wolverine.  Story-wise, I'm extremely excited to see where this goes since this book was non-stop fun, and the art work by Renato Guedes was amazing to boot. I really enjoy his line-work over everything else. He mixes a lot of elements from different decades' styles. Mainly, I see a lot of 70s, 80s, and contemporary line work mixed together. Finally, for the first time in a long time, I really liked the back-up story about Silver Samurai. It was also written by Jason Aaron, so the tone for both stories was similar, but the artwork by Jason Latour is what really stood out for me. It mixes small elements of early comic strips with ancient Japanese art. For the first time, this is a side story that I would read as a mini-series. I enjoyed it that much.

The Bad

Yes, it's cliche to say that the bad thing about this book is "I have to wait for the next issue," but it's true. I feel incredibly guilty about loving this issue because it stars Wolverine, but it was such a fun read.

The Verdict 5/5

Yes, the thought of Wolverine going to Hell and slicing and dicing everyone there is a little lame if you think about it, but Jason Aaron made this issue a lot of fun and set up a bunch of great side-stories that will keep this run going strong, at least for the first storyline. And again, this is one of the few times you'll find a back-up story almost as strong as the main one. I highly recommend picking this book up. This is the best place to start if you're into Wolverine. Yes, I gave a Wolverine book a perfect score...