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Review: Wildcats #22

Wildstorm's own "crisis."

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Seemingly every single superhero in the Wildstorm universe regroups in the Skywatch satellite to figure out their next course of action following Armageddon.
It's really easy to get lost in the bewildering parade of characters in an issue like this, so I appreciated the pep talk Spartan gave Grunge towards the end about standing up to the plate and taking responsibility as a leader. It was something you could grasp onto and relate to. And I have to say it was a fun novelty to see how Wildstorm would handle its own Crisis on Infinite Earths and how Seeley renders the type of story that would normally be drawn by a George Perez or a Phil Jimenez. I especially liked the opening spread showing the entire pantheon... just to see the sheer number of heroes on display. Seeley put the work in and it never looked like he skimped on details.

Like all big cross-over epilogues/prologues, this issue was composed mostly a lot of people in crazy costumes standing around -- talking about what's happened, talking about what they're going to do next - - rather than what's actually going on. It's a hard thing to work with, by nature. I also found the Midnighter's "tough talk" with Zealot to be a little forced.

If you've never read a Wildstorm comic before, or even if you haven't read that many, you're going to be utterly lost here. For what it was, I applaud Beechen for finding a scene you could genuinely relate to here, but I still couldn't shake off how this wasn't really a story, but a depiction of events happening between stories.