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Review: War Of The Supermen #2

Can the action continue after the first issue? You bet it can.

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After the destruction of an entire planet in the first issue, could there possibly be any more shocks in store? You bet.

The Good

I honestly feel that the Superman books are underrated. I know people are digging them but I think there are some that are dismissing Superman because they feel he's too powerful and dull. War Of The Supermen shows that there's noting dull going on here. I loved how the issue picks up with Perry White ordering the staff at the Daily Planet to get on the story of the the destroyed planet. A confrontation between Lois and her sister is something I've been waiting for as well. 
It was great seeing the Superman Family on Earth, getting ready to make their move (although I didn't know Nightwing could actually smell 'pain'). Seeing the war progress from both General Lane's perspective and General Zod's was a nice touch. 
We get not one Holy $#!& moments but two. One deals with Lex Luthor and his future and the other...let's just say that last page is something.

The Bad

Boo hoo, poor Supergirl. I could have done without her blaming herself for everything that's happened. But she's been through a lot so I'll overlook it. The art felt like it slipped a tiny bit in a couple spots but nothing really to complain about.

The Verdict - 5/5

A teeny tiny bit of me wondered if the destruction in the last issue was a gimmick. It almost felt like it was borderline. The action continues here and I don't know how things are going to end. Obviously there will be some resolution since this is the second issue of a four issue mini-series. I feel almost like anything goes. It's a great feeling and I love that a Superman story can be so fun and exciting.