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Review: Vengeance of the Moon Knight #7

MK squares off against DP.


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Deadpool makes his 70th guest appearance this month, trying to kill a Ukrainian mobster that Moon Knight's trying to protect because he doesn't know any better. 
Tan Eng Huat was already doing amazing work on Doom Patrol years ago and his style's evolved nicely here, incorporates painterly elements that resemble Simone Bianchi's work. Moon Knight's real-time computer imaging powers make him a nice update of the Batman archetype for the 2010s. Hurwitz handled Deadpool well, as he's a character whose specific voice is hard to nail and there were some genuinely funny lines here, like DP's literal "Hello Nurse!" moment.
There's really not much to complain about.  The whole conceit of the hero fighting another hero, guesting in his book, only to eventually team up with him is a well-worn plot for superheroes, but Hurwitz still finds a way to make it believable.
A good issue to start a team-up storyline. There's a good balance of pacing, keeping the dialogue concise while still making you feel like you've got enough story for one issue. And Huat's art has a great range to suit each phase.