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Review: Velocity #1

Take a look at the latest Top Cow character!

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If you have ever wanted to find the female equivalent of Barry Allen, Velocity might be exactly what you have been looking for. She is witty, clever, and sweet- not to mention beautifully illustrated. 

The Good

The story kicks off with a bang. The best thing about this issue, aside from the breathtaking art, is the fact that Marz seems to have a pretty good idea of the character he is writing. Her ticks, the things she loves, as well as what drives her are all character attributes that are evident within the first few pages of the issue. If you love Barry Allen, 'The Flash,' then you are going to find yourself enamored with Velocity's character. The story moves along very well and establishes a clear relationship between her and the people that are after her. This is a fantastic first issue, and I am really looking forward to the second issue.  

The Bad

Nothing really bad here, in my opinion.

The Verdict 5/5

Could this be one of my new favorite series? The art is incredible, the character is endearing and this first issue is a perfect balance of introducing the new character to readers as well as establishing a solid storyline for future issues. I cannot wait for issue two!