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Review: Unwritten #16

Tommy comes face to face with his father

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Tommy comes face to face with his father, the killer, and his own world and beliefs crumbling in front of him.

The Good

This book is something special. It takes something we're all familiar with, the world of Harry Potter, and adds an adult spin on it. The writing of Mike Carey never fails to let me down. The writing and story, co-created by Peter Gross, is one of the freshest ideas in comics, even if it's based on a high selling novel series. This issue, more than the others, really shows Tommy coming into his own as the character from the book his father wrote. The story is moving forward quickly, and I couldn't be more excited. There's a lot going on this issue, and I can't say much without spoiling anything, but I will say this. The book will be taking a new exciting direction after this issue, so if you've felt that the book is moving slowly, stay tuned.

The Bad

I feel lost month to month on this book. Most of the time I need to go back an issue just to refresh my own brain. This is one of those books that works much better in trade format, unless you don't mind rereading the last issue every time you buy the new one.

The Verdict 4/5

This is by far the best Vertigo is offering at the moment. Pick up this series if you want to refire your love of comic books because that's what this book will do. It doesn't get nominated for the Eisner awards every year for nothing. I recommend this issue, but more importantly, I highly recommend this series.