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Review: Ultimate Thor #2

5/5. This IS the ultimate Thor.

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The three threads of Thor's long life between to weave together as Baron Zemo's revealed to have a terrifying connection to Loki.

The Good

The "three-in-one" narrative of this fondly reminds me of Frank Miller's Ronin and the movie, the Fountain, and I find it extremely effective. It's never confusing, it's quite clear and direct, and, more importantly, it basically cuts out all the fat and boring parts you'd normally get in a strictly linear narrative. Pacheco's art is absolutely brilliant, as well, giving this wildly-fantastic story a sense of reality and authentic detail without sacrificing any of the dynamism you expect from a comic. And the man knows how to compose an angle!

The Bad

I tried to find something to fault here, but there really isn't anything.  Even if there were anything to view as a minus, I think I'd give it bonus points to cancel that out, because I'm so glad to see this series getting the Ultimate line back in touch with what made it so exciting in the first place.

The Verdict - 5/5

As I mentioned in my review of Thor, this is actually one of three comics starring the thunder god this week and I'll say that it's heads-and-tails the best. It's an adaptation and update in the best sense of the terms, using this rich mythology (both cultural and pop-cultural) as a basis for a sharp, forward-looking science fiction thriller. And, without spoiling anything, the twist regarding Baron Zemo is quite stellar.