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Review: Ultimate New Ultimates #4

Thor reborn, and a little nutty!

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Thor is reborn and he's looking for the blood of Loki.

The Good

This was one action packed issue, just like the rest of them. If you're looking for a book with numerous punches to the face, and awesome splash pages, you've come to the right place. Frank Cho's work does shine a here on the splash pages. His work is beautiful when it is enlarged and spread across two pages, which happens a few times throughout this issue. There's a few really cool reveals here that will really keep you interested and ready for the last part of this storyline. It's hard not to mention them here.

The Bad

Although the battles within the issue may be enjoyable, the actual story is not. I found myself uninterested with everything except the two reveals in this particular issue. In addition, other than the splash pages, Cho's work isn't as good in this issue as the others. Thor is ALWAYS grimacing. See the look he has on his face on the cover? Get ready to see it throughout a whole issue.

The Verdict: 3/5

It's a pretty mediocre issue, but has some good reveals in it to keep you interested. I'm hoping the conclusion picks up a bit because this started off with a bang, but for now I'd give it a mild recommendation.