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Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9

Spider-Woman time!

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  The Ultimate universe tends to be incredibly serious, except for the little world Spider-Man lives in. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is a lot more fun compared to its other Ultimate counterparts. It follow Peter Parker through high school as he deals with all the woes of being a teenager, along with fighting super-powered criminals, while keeping his grades up.
The Good 
Again, this book is a lot of fun, so much so that after looking through it again, I noticed I ignored the ads because I was so engrossed with what was going on. I really do like Bendis' writing. It brings me back to those days of awkwardness in high school that I try ever so hard to forget, except I didn't have any super-powers. I like seeing Ultimate Spider-Woman thrown back into the mix of things, especially since she is a Peter Parker clone, which makes for some awkward moments later on in the issue.
The Bad 
This book was a little too Spider-Woman heavy. I would have liked to see a little more of Spider-Man swinging through the streets, but this focused mostly on Spider-Woman back in town. I usually like the art by Lafuente, but for some reason, I became a little annoyed with it. At times, it became a little too much like an episode of Dragonball Z for me. Lots of anime-esque action.
The Verdict
 This hasn't been the strongest issue of the series, but it is still a great series none-the-less. If you want to keep your run going, or see how the whole Spider-Woman thing turns out, pick up the book. If you're a casual reader of the series, you may want to pass. In my opinion, this series is the best of what the Ultimate universe is currently offering. This issue may not have been the strongest, but this book is usually phenomenal.