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Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14

Again and again, this is what Spidey should be.

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Spidey's run-in with the identity-stealing Chameleons comes to a dramatic conclusion as his  "amazing friends" finally show up to aid the fight. 

The Good

This revamp of Chameleon is definitely one of the better ones that Bendis has crafted throughout his long run on this series. I have to say that two twins hopped up on mutant growth hormone is a lot more interesting than a washed-up Russian spy with serious identity and adequacy issues. Actually, the whole fun of this series is seeing how these familiar tropes play out in a mileau that's a bit closer-to-reality (rather than something bound to the constraints of serial fiction.) I especially liked the male Chameleon and the Super Friends' impressions of eachother... how Torch was duped while Iceman was wise to the charade after his experiences with Mystique.  How quickly Chameleon was freaking out after these "big guns" came in.

The Bad

Maybe it's too much to ask of a comic for a character to stay dead,  but I think Jameson's survival is a cop-out. Disregarding that living after a point blank head shot is really pushing the disbelief suspension (even in a story about spider-powers) going back on such a brave move seems counter to the whole point of the Ultimate line. Then again, they end this issue on an equally-transgressive cliffhanger, so maybe that'll make up for it.

The Verdict - 4/5

I end my reviews of every issue of this with the same sentiment -  - that this is the best Spider-Man out there - - and I'll say it again, because it's true.  This title's brought Spidey back to his roots without ever feeling like a retread, and it's genuinely exciting because anything can happen. Peter doesn't  have to always be going out with MJ, he doesn't have to be unable to call on SHIELD for help... and so on. I'm looking forward to what the next arc brings.