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Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11

This is how Spidey should be.

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Spidey, his friends and his Amazing Friends are banned from super-heroics, so they have to use some less flashy ways to help Kitty Pryde out as she's on the run.

The Good

A familiar Spidey villain finally gets the "ultimate treatment" in this episode and I really enjoyed the suspenseful way he was introduced, as well as the new electric hand gimmick he gets (because he definitely needed it.) Similarly, I was glad to see this title finally get the Daily Bugle with the times and make it a website (and MJ's chiding Peter for being nostalgic about it was a good little moment.) It also speaks to how well-done the interplay of these characters was that the "no heroics" ban actually made this more interesting. Hard to believe, but I was enjoying a Spider-Man that's just about him and Iceman getting fastfood jobs, as well as him and MJ talking with Urich about what to do their evidence - - I was enjoying very much. Lafuente's art being so consistently appealing has a lot to do with that.  Bendis has actually been doing a good job of having these characters tackle some heavier moral conundrums (like the "test" Urich puts MJ through) in a way that's really down-to-Earth and never preachy.

The Bad

You put this many gags in one issue and there are going to be some that don't work. Lines like... "Oh yeah, puberty. How'd that work out for you?" and the bits about Iceman "still workshopping" his paranoid act stuck out.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

This is reminding me of  the best of the first run of Ultimate Spider-Man. Getting back to the spirit of Spidey while shedding all the restrictions that have only been kept around out of tradition.  This is how Spidey should be - - a well-meaning kid who's frequently put in situations where he's trying to figure out what the responsible thing to do is, even if he obviously doesn't have the experience to properly put things in perspective. I hope the new movie's going to be like this.