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Review: Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #2

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  Loki brought the the party  from Asguard to Earth in this New Ultimates series as the Ultimates reformed to battle Loki's army. With Thor gone, and many other heroes because of the recent Ultimatum series, can this new group of Ultimates defeat the Loki army and work together as a team?

The Good

Best part about this book is the work of Frank Cho. It's curvy and sexy and I love how this guy sets up action. His two-page splash page with Ka-zar and Shanna is amazingly detailed and it really pops. The art is the highlight of this book, but I feel the writing is just as good. I know there's rumblings about whether or not Jeph Loeb is a good writer. I think this guy is great. He's great at writing action-packed stories with a dash of mystery and intrigue. If you don't have fun reading this book, then I don't know why you read at all. I really like the man verses woman storyline going on in this book. We may see this in movies quite a bit, but not so much in comics. It feels fresh here. I can't wait to see how Thor comes back (if he does) and whether or not a the Ultimates will survive this story.

The Bad

One thing I've never really liked about Ultimate Captain America, which continues here, is that he's a total D-bag. His "holier than thou" attitude and how he treats his own team mates is despicable and he sometimes comes off more of a villain than a hero.

The Verdict

This book was a lot of fun. If you've been following the Ultimate universe, especially the revamp, I highly suggest this book. Cho's artwork is beautiful, and Loeb's writing is like a fun summer-blockbuster. This is one of those books you can plop down on the couch with, cold drink in your hand, and just relax and read.