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Review: Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #3

Featuring Ultimate Ghost Rider

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The Ultimate universe gets introduced to the Ultimate spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider. Can this new team of Avengers solve a group of gruesome murders and stop the Ghost Rider at the same time.

The Good

As always Millar and Yu’s work is awesome. I’ve said this before, so I’ll cut to the chase. Story wise, I think this book has a lot going for it. One aspect I love is that Hawkeye is more than the archer from the 616 universe, he’s essentially Bullseye. He never misses. This was played up in Ultimates Vol. 2 pretty well, and we catch a glimpse of that here again. Punisher seems to kind of be fitting into his role, as reluctant as possible. He’s being forced into this role more than anything actually, and the character is really coming into his own. Ghost Rider has to be the best part of this book though. There’s so much mystery going on with him. I’m hoping the Ultimate Universe takes some leeway with who he is and his origin. 

The Bad

Although it was great, it felt like a real quick read. I blasted through this thing in what seemed like mere minutes. Aside from that, I was disappointed not to see Hulk, AKA Tyrone Cash, in this issue. I’m really enjoying that character over everyone else. 

The Verdict – 4/5

It’s an all-star creative team with an all-star story. It’s hard to judge which I like better, this or New Ultimates. It’s still not too late to jump onto this book, and considering that this same team will be working on another Ult Avengers volume after this one, you’ll really want to pick this volume up for the great story and interesting new characters in the Ultimate Universe.