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Review: Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #2

Millar and Yu come together to create awesomeness.

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Ultimate Avengers 2 continues forward as the team slowly comes together. War Machine battles it out with Tyrone Cash, and we learn a little bit of history about Tyrone Cash and how he became the super-powered beast that he is today. 

The Good

I'm a huge sucker for Leinil Francis Yu, but this issue really caught my eye. His panel composition when Tyrone Cash is fighting War Machine is nothing short of breathtaking. I'm loving the thick angled panels during the fights. It really draws the eye towards the action within the book, and it compliments Yu's amazing artwork perfectly. In my opinion, Yu is the best artist at Marvel, bar none, and I love seeing his work regularly, but I especially love it on this book. Mark Millar’s storytelling and writing are at the same level as Yu’s art. The back-story of the original Hulk is interesting and opens a lot of doors for the rest of this series and maybe another down the road. I’m enjoying his dialogue between characters; it feels natural and not forced. Best part of the book, for me, was the character reveal on the last page. It was one of those, “oh man, this is going to get nuts” moments, and I can’t wait for issue three.


The Bad

As I said before, when I reviewed the first issue, it feels like the book, so far, is just setting up the team. I’m worried that the final few issues may move too fast, in order to conclude the story; however, the character reveal may set up the next four issues, at least that’s what I hope. 


Verdict: 4.5/5

Out of all the Ultimate books currently on the shelf, this is the one you have to pick up. It has two amazing creative minds running the show, and if you’re not enjoying this, check your pulse. If you’ve never read an Ultimates book before, I can’t recommend start here, but if you’re looking for something that is nothing less than awesome, pick it up.