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Review: Ultimate Avengers 3 #1

I don't think anybody involved is taking this seriously.

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The Ultimate Avengers' current conflict with Anthony's mob of vampires draws two new possible members into their sights - - Blade the vampire hunter and Ray Connor, the new Daredevil

The Good   

There's something inherently exciting about a book that's basically a punk rock cover of the Avengers. That is, a title that isn't bound by a single restriction of continuity and is thus free to go in any brazen, wild direction it wants to. While I don't think his work was necessarily appropriate for this title, Dillon's art and storytelling continue to be crisp and refreshingly direct. 

The Bad   

Like the previous issue I read featuring Ghost Rider and the Punisher, this whole thing feels "off" and not just because these are supposed to be ultimate versions of the characters. Blade's characterization, for example, is so far from the brooding hunter he's defined as that I really think his appearance here's supposed to be a spoof. It stands out even more when considering how well the character was handled in X-Men #2 this week. That applies to the new Daredevil, too. I was following his mentorship with Stick up until the old guy gets killed by a vampire cloned Hulk, which is a plot twist that goes so far beyond being outlandish that it seems like self-parody. Further, the fact that the new DD's wearing the old DD's first costume makes me question what audience this is written for.  That outfit was was considered too gaudy in the 60s - - it's inclusion here is basically a snarky homage. It's something only old readers would get it, which really defeats the purpose of this being an accessible title. Enough so that I wonder if anybody involved in this title is taking it seriously. 

The Verdict - 2/5  

I really don't get this series (or series of series.) Even post-Ultimatum, I thought the Ultimate line was about streamlining and revamping Marvel's mainstays for new times and new readers, but titles like this just seem like an excuse to haphazardly throw all of that into a blender for a result  that ends up alienating new and old readers alike.  This honestly feels like something Millar's just doing quickly while his mind's on Nemesis, Superior and the Kick-Ass sequels.